TWENTY ONE PILOTS Perform Live at Bonnaroo 2015, Watch the Full Show Here!

Besides the great news that the group Twenty One Pilots is on tour in 2016, here is a great live music video of the band performing at this year’s Bonnaroo Festival. Twenty One Pilots performed for over 50 minutes and it sounded fantastic. Watch the video and you can tell that the fans all enjoyed it. Every year, the Bonnaroo Festival hosts several days of live music on a piece of land that’s several hundred acres in size. The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has been around for about 15 years now and if you ever see the size of the crowds there, you’ll know that it’s setting its mark in music history.

The music video below is from the 2015 Bonnaroo show from when Twenty One Pilots played. The festival is not only bands jamming, there’s a ton of other activities to take part in. There’s art stands, work out areas, streaming music showers, crafts and gift stands, salons, exhibits and a whole lot more. If you find yourself going just for the music, then find your spot and hang. If you’re going for the whole experience, be prepared to literally map things out because the place is huge. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Any where, here is Twenty One Pilots live from the 2015 Bonnaroo show.
VIDEO – 2015 Bonnaroo – TWENTY ONE PILOTS – Live!
Track List :

  1. 0:15 – Heavydirtysoul
  2. 4:15 – Stressed Out
  3. 7:50 – Fairly Local
  4. 11:48 – Holding Onto You
  5. 16:31 – House of Gold
  6. 18:16 – We Don’t Believe
  7. 21:58 – Lane Boy
  8. 26:13 – No Women, No Cry
  9. 28:31 – Ride
  10. 32:26 – The Run and Go
  11. 38:08 – Tear in My Heart
  12. 42:53 – Car Radio
  13. 48:30 – Guns for Hands
  14. 52:06 – Trees (followed by the ending)



Twenty One Pilots are so popular right now! Check out the above video of them performing live!

Twenty One Pilots are so popular right now! Check out the above video of them performing live!



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Written by Craig Scott