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Ed Sheeran has already announced 2018 tour plans.

Ed Sheeran just keeps getting better and more popular

Just when you though Ed Sheeran couldn’t get any more popular, he out does himself. Trust me though, you do not hear his fans complaining. The latest album release from Ed Sheeran is named ‘Divide‘ and already it has gotten a tremendous positive response from fans. Just one single music video from the record already […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Dead & Company live in concert on their 2017 Fall Tour.

Dead & Company lay out plans for their Fall Tour 2017

If you thought that after the final break-up of the hugely popular group The Grateful Dead happened we would hear no more from the remaining members, but that is far from the truth. Not only have each member gone onto their own projects, and have worked together on some projects, the most popular by far […]

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Did you catch The Belchies episode of Bob's Burgers?

The episode when Cyndi Lauper guest starred on Bob’s Burgers

If you’re like many people, you’re a fan of the hit animated TV show Bob’s Burgers. While they’ve had their decent share of famous guest stars appear, one of our favorites was the episode “The Belchies“, which guest starred Cyndi Lauper singing Taffy Butt at the end.     After she starred on other shows […]

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Picture from the scene of the accident with one of Luke Bryan's tour tractor trailers in Long Island.

Luke Bryan tractor trailer hits Parkway overpass in Long Island NY

When country music star Luke Bryan sings his song ‘Crash My Party’, we don’t think this is exactly what he meant. Just hours after he performed a concert at Jones Beach, a tractor trailer from Bryan’s “Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour” crashed into the overpass at Sunrise Highway on the Wantagh State Parkway […]

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Luke Bryan tweets out on the day of the eclipse 'Eclipse Mania' with his family.

Luke Bryan takes a break to watch the Eclipse

Even huge superstars needs to take a break now and then, and country music star Luke Bryan is no different. Within the past day, we were treated to a partial eclipse of the sun, or a full eclipse, depending on where you were seeing it from. As per a tweet from Luke Bryan (and family), […]

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You heard correctly, KID ROCK will be running for a seat in the Senate!

Yes, Kid Rock is going to be running for Senate, and here’s what we know

Similar to when Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for President of The United States, and the left leaning media laughed out loud, we now have another celebrity that appears to be entering the political ring. Lately, more people in entertainment have involved themselves in real-time politics, ranging from simple protesting, all […]

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Museum goer's got the surprise of a lifetime when Katy Perry's live head was on display.

Katy Perry’s Severed Head Freaks People Out at Museum Display

This past weekend, anyone that visited New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art were ‘tricked’ into participating in a spoof art exhibit that was sure to surprise just about anyone. People that agreed to go along were led into a dark room featuring a long dinner table covered with a blue checkered picnic tablecloth, a […]

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