Red Hot Chili Peppers Plan out 2017 Concert Tour!

Guns N' Roses continues to Tour in 2017!

Fan of one of the best 80's rock bands GUNS N' ROSES? Well Axl Rose is back with Slash and Duff and the re-united Guns N' Roses are on the way to rock your head off with their awesome throwback Rock Music. 80's Rock-N-Roll flashback in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Guns N' Roses Tour & Ticket Info

Red Hot Chili Peppers Plan out 2017 Concert Tour!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Plan out 2017 Concert Tour!

The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have announced their tour plans for this 2017 year and there's a good number of dates to choose from. With over 50 dates just in North America alone, we're sure you'll find that they are performing at a venue near you.

RHCP Tour & Ticket Info

Luke Bryan announces early 2017 Tour Dates!

Luke Bryan announces early 2017 Tour Dates!

The last year for this performer has just been one huge upward roller coaster. Just when Luke Bryan does something big, he turns around and outdoes himself again. 2016 was a huge year for the country music star and he’s so ready to go that he already announced his plans for his 2017 Kill The Lights Tour. Go Luke Go!

Luke Bryan Tour & Ticket Info

Don't miss your chance to see Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers live in concert in 2017!!

Tom Petty 2017 Tour Dates

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Announce Official 40th Anniversary Tour and it begins on 4/20!! : Well music fans, the time has finally come. The iconic Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers have officially announced that the band will be going on their 40th Anniversary tour in this coming 2017 year. If you’re a Tom Petty […]

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Don't miss what could be one of your last chances to see Eric Clapton perform live in concert!!

Eric Clapton 2017 Tour Dates

The living legend himself, ERIC CLAPTON, releases a select handful of early 2017 Tour Dates : Wow it’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from Eric Clapton. For those of you that are too young to know, Eric Clapton is seriously one the the greatest guitarists to ever grace us with his presence. Eric […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Neil Diamond live in concert in 2017!!

Neil Diamond 2017 Tour Dates

Singer / Songwriter Neil Diamond announces 50th Anniversary World Tour, Slew of 2017 Tour Dates Released : Fans of all types pf music can definitely associate in one way or another, with the amazing Neil Diamond. To date, Neil Diamond has been releasing great music and songs for 50 years straight, and he’s still going […]

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LUKE BRYAN is starting his 2017 tour early, so get your tickets now! See him & his Kill The Lights Tour at a venue near you!

Luke Bryan joins the long list of musical performers who already have 2017 Tour Plans

While it is a little early for some performers to start to release their tour plans for this coming 2017 year, country music superstar LUKE BRYAN has already announced his extension of his Kill The Lights Tour which took place over almost the entire 2016 year. His shows last year were all successful concerts, he […]

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Phil Rudd (original founding drummer of AC/DC) Released New Music Video 'Head Job' with new band. Head Job is the first official single & video taken from Phil Rudd's album Head Job. Phil Rudd's band will be touring in Europe 2017. (VIDEO BELOW)

Phil Rudd, original drummer for AC/DC, releases new single Head Job, and it’s Awesome. Watch video here.

It’s almost as if you’re so close to the band AC/DC, but just can’t reach out and touch them, but here comes the legendary Phil Rudd with his own band, with his own music. Phil Rudd (formerly the ORIGINAL drummer of the almighty AC/DC, but left out of the band’s last live run) is ready […]

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2016 was a cruel year for the music industry as we lost many big league people who have made tremendous impacts on all aspects of music & song writing, Producing & entertaining.

Just a small list of Musical Talents that we’ve lost in 2016. This was a tough year for all music fans.

The 2016 year is soon coming to a close and for all music fans, this has been a very rough year with many musical greats passing on. We’ve compiled a partial list of huge musical forces that we have unfortunately lost this year due to their passing. Many of these ‘musicians’ have impacted the music […]

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Dan Barkalow, left, and Bruce Springsteen pose for a photo after he helped the rock star when he was stranded on a road in New Jersey.

Bruce Springsteen and his Motorcycle Are Helped Out By NJ Bikers

If you happen to be cruising on your bike on New Jersey streets, one thing you would never really expect to find is one of New Jersey’s most famous musicians on the side of the road with their broken down motorcycle. Well that’s exactly what happened to these New Jersey bikers. Riders known as ‘Bikers […]

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Here we see Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Nathan Followill and Matthew Followill of the band Kings Of Leon live on stage at this year's MTV EMAs (Europe Music Awards) from Nov. 6, 2016 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Kings Of Leon Perform New Song ‘Waste a Moment’ at the 2016 MTV EMAs – Watch Here

If you had the chance to watch the 2016 MTV EMAs (Europe Music Awards) the other night, then I hope you did not miss the awesome performance put on by Kings Of Leon with their new song ‘Waste a Moment‘. Don’t worry if you missed it though, we have a video of it just below. […]

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Fan of Bruno Mars? Check out his new video 'Versace on the Floor' below!

Bruno Mars drops 2nd song ‘Versace on the Floor’ from new upcoming album ’24K Magic’ – Listen here.

Even though it’s still a couple of weeks away, the release of Bruno Mars next album, called ‘24K Magic‘, is becoming quite an anticipated event. His fans are literally bubbling over with excitement. We have not heard that much off of the album yet, but a second track has been officially released as an Audio […]

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Don't forget to check and see if ZZ Top is on tour. Visit our ZZ Top Tour Page for all the latest.

Fan Filmed ZZ TOP Sharp Dressed Man from October 28th in Greeneville Tennessee

If you are a fan of the band ZZ TOP, then you missed one heck of a concert. This video clip (seen below) is of the band performing their hit song ‘Sharp Dressed Man‘ and they still sound absolutely rocking. It seems as if the band hasn’t lost a beat in almost 40 years and […]

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Here are The Beatles very early in their career.

Paul McCartney Afraid To Step On Stage which almost stopped his Beatles Career in its Tracks

You heard correctly, Paul McCartney had horrible stage fright when The Beatles first began. It got so bad that the Beatles/Wings man almost ended his musical career over it. As he explained it himself, being on stage made him feel physically sick and after a bit, he began to think to himself that it’s just […]

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Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is so anti-Semitic that American Express just cut off all his tour funding.

Anti-Israel Pink Floyd co-Founder Roger Waters Loses Out on Millions of Dollars along with Fans & Respect

For some stupid reason that we can only explain as ignorance and possibly hate, Roger Waters of the band Pink Floyd has stuck his nose in where it does not belong on quite a serious political subject. While many musicians and entertainers love to play and perform in Israel, Roger Waters is of a different […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Kings of Leon live in concert!

Kings Of Leon 2017 Tour Dates

If you’re a fan of the band Kings Of Leon, get ready because they will be on tour through out 2017. Not only are they visiting countries like Germany and the UK, the band does have a good number of performances in North America too. Kings of Leon just recently released their latest studio album […]

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The 1st album to be released will Be 'Prince 4Ever'

Sadly PRINCE is no longer with us, but his music and legacy live on. New Albums To Include Unreleased Music!

After the musician & entertainer PRINCE passed away, one of the biggest unanswered issues became his unopened music vault. What was in that vault? A whole lot of unreleased music from Prince, along with other personal things. The question remained though, what should happen with this large amount of Prince’s music vault? The amount of […]

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KNOCKOUT is the latest song released from the up new upcoming Bon Jovi album. Watch the Music Video Below!

Bon Jovi releases Official Music Video for new song ‘Knockout’. Watch & Listen here.

Fan of the band Bon Jovi? Well of course you are! While we are all waiting for the latest studio album from Bon Jovi, another song from the album has just been released and you can find the music video for ‘Knockout‘ just below. Of course you all are aware that this latest album of […]

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Tim McGraw washes his wife's (Faith Hill) car and he's shirtless!

Female Country Music Fans Swoon As Tim McGraw Gets Shirtless – See The Picture!

When you’re a mega country star like Tim McGraw, no body really expects you to wash your own car, but the “Humble and Kind” country singer does it anyway. Well, for his wife Faith Hill that is. Faith Hill posted a picture on the popular social media site Instagram on October 17th, bragging about her […]

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Proposed packaging for the up and coming release of The Beatles - Yellow Submarine by LEGO

Beatles Fan? LEGO Fan? Well now you’re a fan of them both! New Yellow Submarine Set from LEGO Arrives

The building brick company LEGO has recently been putting out more adult themed building sets as many of them become nostalgia and collectibles. Coming very soon LEGO says is their new The Beatles – Yellow Submarine set which comes complete with all 4 members of the Beatles in Lego mini-figure form PLUS a Jeremy Hillary […]

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BRUNO MARS was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on October 15th 2016. His Performance was awesome!

Bruno Mars performs new songs ’24K Magic’ and ‘Chunky’ on Saturday Night Live. Watch here!

It’s not like Bruno Mars is not popular enough, but he’s released a few new tracks recently, 24K Magic and just the other night on SNL, Chunky. You can watch the videos for both down below. Bruno Mars easily walked into Saturday Night Live the other night to put on a pair of show-stopping musical […]

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The band Bon Jovi on the set of Good Morning America with co-host Michael Strahan.

Hunk-alicious Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About Band Split with Richie Sambora and New Album

While it’s no doubt that Richie Sambora was a HUGE part of the band Bon Jovi for quite a long time, many of their songs were creations of either Jon’s or his, or a combination of both. The break up seemed mutual (although it was a surprise) and still is on going. Although it is […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Rogers Waters perform some classic Pink Floyd live in concert!

Roger Waters 2017 Tour Dates

Pink Floyd fans ecstatic, news hits that Roger Waters will tour in 2017, trek named ‘Us + Them Tour’ : Roger Waters announces 2017 North American tour – Roger Waters announces, what he calls,  spectacular 40+ shows North American tour which he says will consist mostly of older songs. The former Pink Floyd co-founder and frontman is […]

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Don't Miss Your Chance To See BON JOVI Live in Concert in 2017!

Bon Jovi 2017 Tour Dates

Bon Jovi trucks on without Richie, Announces Early 2017 Tour Dates : Well we all know that Richie Sambora has had better days with his ‘old’ band Bon Jovi, but it appears as if the band will continue to go on no matter what. Bon Jovi just released a bunch of Official North American tour […]

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DIERKS BENTLEY is awesome to see live so don't miss any of his shows.

Dierks Bentley 2017 Tour Dates

Country Music hunk DIERKS BENTLEY continues to tour through out 2017 : Country music fans have so many choices when it comes to concerts in the coming year, but the Dierks Bentley concert tour is definitely not one to be missed. Presently on the road with Randy Houser, Dierks Bentley has now released his tour […]

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Don't Miss Your Chance to see Panic! At The Disco live in concert!

Panic! At The Disco 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Panic! At The Disco along with Misterwives and Saint Motel Announce 2017 ‘DEATH OF A BACHELOR TOUR’ : Familiar with the band Panic! At The Disco? Well you should be. Panic! at the Disco is an American rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band formed in 2004 and the band’s current lineup includes […]

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Check out the video below to hear Carrie Underwood cover Dolly Parton's 'I Will Always Love You'.

Carrie Underwood performs stripped down version of Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’

Country music diva Dolly Parton‘s classic song ‘I Will Always Love You‘ has been getting fresh, new interest lately as one of three songs that are part of “Forever Country,” the country mash-up event recently released by the Country Music Association in honor of the 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards. The recording has already […]

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Don't miss your chance to see BARBRA STREISAND live in concert!

Barbra Streisand 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Hugely popular Barbra Streisand announces small handful of concerts for late 2016 : If you’re a fan of the singer Barbra Streisand, you may be in for some luck still this year. Barbra Streisand has a handful of tour dates planned for the end of 2016 (November & December). Right now it’s only a small […]

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Don't Miss Your Chance To See MARIAH CAREY Live In Concert!!

Mariah Carey 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Mariah Carey Announces Her Residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will end in mid 2017 : After 2 big years, the residency of Mariah Carey at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will come to a sparkly end in 2017. The mega-pop superstar announced her Las Vegas show, dubbed the ‘Mariah #1 to Infinity‘, at […]

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Don't miss your chance to see the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS live in concert!

Red Hot Chili Peppers 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

After releasing their latest album The Getaway, Red Hot Chili Peppers plan out their 2017 tour dates : The rock, funk, pop music band Red Hot Chili Peppers just announced 2017 tour dates in support of their latest studio release ‘The Getaway‘. The band will be on the road within North America from early January […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Pentatonix live in concert this year!

Pentatonix 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Hugely popular PENTATONIX pleases fans with late 2016 Fall Tour Dates : Pentatonix (sometimes aka PTX) is an American a cappella group (vocal) which is out of Arlington, Texas. The group is made up of five vocalists: Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi. They’re quite popular and have a wide […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Dolly Parton live in concert!

Dolly Parton 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Country Mega-Superstar DOLLY PARTON follows up new album with her ‘Pure & Simple’ Tour : When it seemed as if the whole world was forgetting about Dolly Parton, she comes back with a great new country music album, and follows it up with a big tour for late 2016. There have been no 2017 dates […]

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Check out the new video from Kenny Chesney, 'Setting The World on Fire' featuring P!NK.

‘Setting The World On Fire’ by Kenny Chesney and P!NK is out on video. Watch the romantic video here.

Kenny Chesney and P!NK’s romantic duet “Setting The World On Fire” has already shown to be a big hit on the country music charts, where so far it reached the #2 spot. Appropriately, the song gets a beautifully shot black and white video, where we see an extremely photogenic young couple’s romance play out across […]

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DRAKE got so tired of his neighbor complaining about the noise that he bought his house for $3 Million!

Annoyed at your neighbors complaining about you? Buy their house. That’s what DRAKE did.

If you happen to be the hip-hop rap star DRAKE, it’s quite easy to whip out 3 million dollars to buy a house. Especially if its your neighbor’s house who always complains about your big, loud parties. In Future’s song “Where Ya At?” he says, “I’ll buy the neighbor’s house if they complain about the […]

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If you want to see Metallica live in concert this year, you'll have to head out to the Bridge School Benefit.

Entire METALLICA Minneapolis Concert Streaming Online. Over 2 Hours, Watch it Here Now.

Heavy metal band Metallica put on a great concert at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN in the evening of August 20th and proceeded to make the concert’s audio available through their infamous online store. Using that same audio, the people over at Master Of Collectors scoured YouTube and put together a multi-angle (37 […]

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Want to see GREEN DAY Live in Concert? Now's Your Chance! Look for Tickets Above!

Green Day 2017 Tour Dates

Hugely popular GREEN DAY Announces Their Revolution Radio World Tour. Fans Cant Wait and Neither Can We : The band GREEN DAY just recently announced their tour plans for 2017 and fans could not be happier. In support of their new studio album Revolution Radio comes their world concert tour dubbed the Revolution Radio World […]

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Don't miss what could be one of your last chances to see STEVIE NICKS on her 24 KARAT GOLD TOUR!

Stevie Nicks 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Stevie Nicks Releases Almost 30 North American Tour Dates for her 24 KARAT GOLD Tour with The Pretenders : Singer Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, the multi-platinum, Grammy Award Winning musical superstar singer just announced The 24 Karat Gold Tour. Produced exclusively by Live Nation, the 27-city tour with the band The Pretenders, will begin […]

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It's been a while for Kenny Rogers since he's been on the road. Don't miss your chance to see him live!

Kenny Rogers 2016 -2017 Tour Dates

I know, I was quite blown away too when I heard the news that Kenny Rogers was back on the music scene and actually has planned out somewhat of a large concert tour known as The Gambler’s Last Deal Tour. The Kenny Rogers tour spans from mid-September 2016 and even into 2017. At first he’ll […]

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Still Picture of KISS honoring The US Military (which they've done MANY MANY times). KISS truly is the Hottest Band In The World! SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VIDEO!

Rock band KISS Donates $125,000 To Wounded Warriors and Honors The US Military. Watch Video Here :

Back in late August of 2016, the rock band KISS performed a concert as part of their Freedom To Rock Tour and then gave a great honor to our great Country and The US Military. Paul Stanley, after handing over the mega-sized check, read the Pledge of Allegiance (which the whole crowd echoed him) and […]

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FLUME not only produces his own music, he also has done some great remixes. Here are some of his best.

Fan of FLUME? Here’s a list of his 5 best Remixes of all time. Take a Listen here.

Flume is having a good year, to say the least. Following the release of 2016’s standout Skin, the Australian producer has embarked on a successful tour and more recently scored his first platinum record for his hit single “Never Be Like You.” While it’s obvious that Flume can produce his own chart busting tracks, he […]

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Bet you'd never think that you'd be listening to 'new' Led Zeppelin songs almost 50 years later.

Lost Led Zeppelin Song from 1969 just found! Listen to ‘Sunshine Woman’ right here.

Led Zeppelin’s ‘lost’ song “‘Sunshine Woman‘ was recorded on March 16, 1969, in London and aired April 14 on the BBC World Service,” Mike Ayers wrote for The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog “According to the label, Atlantic, the original BBC tapes were lost, but a private recording surfaced in the late 1990s. Fans have […]

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Gene Simmons points at the crowd during their live concert.

Fan Pics from KISS Concert in Erie PA on August 27 2016

IMAGES in this KISS Gallery were shot by Dave L. (Thanks Dave!!) and provided to us on our FB event page.   Don’t forget, KISS is presently on their FREEDOM TO ROCK Tour (which these pics came from), don’t miss your chance to see them live in concert! Check out our KISS Tour Page for […]

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The Goo Goo Dolls are on tour!

Goo Goo Dolls 2017 Tour Dates

Goo Goo Dolls plan to hit the road with Phillip Phillips on their Long Way Home Summer Tour : I bet that most Goo Goo Dolls fans thought that we would float through 2017 without live shows from one of our favorite bands, the Goo Goo Dolls. That all changed with the announcement of their […]

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This pic was taken by a fan at the Blink-182 concert at Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse NY (Thanks Brian!)

Fan Filmed Blink-182 performing ‘Bored To Death’ Live from Lakeview Amp on August 23rd. Watch it here.

We ask most of our clients to send us in pictures and videos from the concerts, shows and performances they attend, so that they can share their wonderful experience. This great video came to us last night just as the Blink-182 concert finished. This ‘fan shot’ video (thanks Lhaila) is of Blink-182 singing their latest […]

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P!NK is so amazingly talented that she even writes music and songs for other huge entertainers!

P!NK Fan? Bet you didn’t know she wrote these seven great songs for other performers

While P!NK is known for her powerful vocals & aerial acrobatics, P!nk has written songs for other artists, including a former Disney princess and a “Lady Marmalade” soul sister.   Between her booming, whiskey-tinged voice and Cirque-like stage performances, it’s easy to forget that P!nk is also an accomplished songwriter. She’s received writing credits on […]

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In this pic, Steven Tyler smiles for the camera at the 49th Annual Country Music Association Awards Show.

Steven Tyler has much Sweet Emotion for Country Music, Even Though Aerosmith Is Fine

No, Steven Tyler has not left Aerosmith and in fact, Aerosmith is not going anywhere, except on their own tour (with Tyler) this fall and hopefully next year. Aerosmith themselves are already listed to play the Kaaboo Festival (in California) and in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, & Mexico. Steven Tyler is not all Rock […]

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Fan of The Killers? Then you must be waiting for some new music. Hopefully you will not have to wait long!

The Killers 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

It’s actually been a few solid years without a real tour from either The Killers, or their lovable front-man Brandon Flowers. There’s been a few pop up shows here and there. A music festival or what-not. But it’s getting late in 2016 and fans want something from The Killers. Look no further though because something […]

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Hopefully after this Bon Jovi album is fully released, they will go on tour! Stay tuned for more Bon Jovi news!

BON JOVI Puts Out New Single ‘This House Is Not For Sale” as Fans Explode With Excitement. Watch Video Here.

An awesome new song by the globally famous rock band Bon Jovi, ‘This House Is Not For Sale‘ was just recently released (today actually) and Bon Jovi fans are literally going crazy over it. It’s also been quite a little while since the band has done some serious work together and even put out a […]

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Looks like GREEN DAY is back! New Music video below for Bang Bang, and a whole new album Revolution Radio. We can not wait!

GREEN DAY Puts Out New Single ‘Bang Bang’ as Fans Wait for Release of New Album ‘Revolution Radio’. Listen Here.

A great new song by Green Day, ‘Bang Bang‘ was just recently released from the loud and awesome west coast punk band since 2012’s ‘Uno!’, ‘Dos!’ and ‘Tré!’ album trilogy. Although in reality, they did give us a Christmas single last December. Green Day never seems to let us down and fans love it. The […]

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Don't miss this HUGE opportunity to see a musical icon live in concert. CAT STEVENS is back!

Cat Stevens 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

I really think that this amazing man needs no introduction at all. I simply just have to say his name and many, many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people will know immediately who and what he is. CAT STEVENS, or as he also goes by YUSUF. He’s just released a good handful of […]

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NORAH JONES Is Amazing! Don't Miss Your Chance To See Her Live In Concert!

Norah Jones 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Norah Jones Lays Out Her ‘2016 Day Breaks Tour’ for late 2016. Don’t miss Norah Jones Live! : Fans of Norah Jones are super psyched because there’s a new album on the way called ‘Day Breaks‘ and there’s a good handful of Norah Jones tour dates that were also just announced. The ‘Day Breaks’ album […]

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Sell Your Music to Video Game Apps! You can make some serious money!

Want to make big money in the music business? Learn how to write music for Video Game Apps. No Joke.

It used to be, I guess a while ago, that you needed to be extremely talented (even that didn’t pay you well unless you had an honest manager) or kind of be a shyster by signing or managing a talented band or group. Yes, that was a while ago, way, way before the internet, kind […]

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Check out the awesome live videos below of Guns N' Roses in Houston Texas!

Watch GUNS N’ ROSES Live from Houston – Front Row Video Footage Of Entire Houston Concert Right Here.

A fan in the front row of the Guns N’ Roses concert filmed at ton of live footage, and if you’re a GNR fan, your going to love the video footage. The concert took place at NRG Stadium in Houston Texas on August 5th 2016, so the footage is quite new.   As stated before, […]

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