Red Hot Chili Peppers Plan out 2017 Concert Tour!

Guns N' Roses continues to Tour in 2017!

Fan of one of the best 80's rock bands GUNS N' ROSES? Well Axl Rose is back with Slash and Duff and the re-united Guns N' Roses are on the way to rock your head off with their awesome throwback Rock Music. 80's Rock-N-Roll flashback in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Guns N' Roses Tour & Ticket Info

Red Hot Chili Peppers Plan out 2017 Concert Tour!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Plan out 2017 Concert Tour!

The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have announced their tour plans for this 2017 year and there's a good number of dates to choose from. With over 50 dates just in North America alone, we're sure you'll find that they are performing at a venue near you.

RHCP Tour & Ticket Info

Luke Bryan announces early 2017 Tour Dates!

Luke Bryan announces early 2017 Tour Dates!

The last year for this performer has just been one huge upward roller coaster. Just when Luke Bryan does something big, he turns around and outdoes himself again. 2016 was a huge year for the country music star and he’s so ready to go that he already announced his plans for his 2017 Kill The Lights Tour. Go Luke Go!

Luke Bryan Tour & Ticket Info

Don't miss your chance to see hip-hop rapper Mac Miller live in concert this year!

Mac Miller 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Mac Miller Lays Out His ‘The Divine Feminine Tour’ for late 2016. Don’t miss Mac Miller Live! : Malcolm James McCormick, also known by his stage name Mac Miller, is an American hip-hop rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is also a well recognized record producer under another name, Larry Fisherman. Miller is also becoming known […]

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Check out Metallica in the below video mashup of the Pokemon song!

Heavy Metal Band Metallica ‘Sings’ the ‘Pokemon Theme’ in Mashup Music Video. Watch it here!

Metallica seems to have caught Pokemon fever, or so a new viral video would like to have you imagining. In a new mashup clip, which has received nearly 10 million views on Facebook and YouTube, the band is seen performing the Pokemon theme song in concert to an amazing crowd reaction.   Of course the […]

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Check out the video here that shows the first time Blink-182 performs their new song Cynical LIVE!

Watch Blink-182 Perform Their New Song, ‘Cynical’ LIVE! Great ‘fan shot’ video, Watch Here.

The mighty popular band Blink-182 played their new song ‘Cynical’ in San Diego, California at the Viejas Arena arena in San Diego over this past weekend. You can watch a fan filmed video of it below and you will find the Official video for it too. ‘Cynical’ is from their new album ‘California’, the seventh […]

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Here's a great picture of Lindsey Stirling live in concert!

Lindsey Stirling 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

The Violin Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be : It’s not like people flood to the arenas and theaters everyday to see a violinist. but this artist is somewhat different. Yes, Lindsey Stirling plays the violin, yet she is so amazing at it. The collaborated music between her, her violin and backing sounds […]

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Reeve Carney, left, Annaleigh Ashford, Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan and Christina Milian star in Fox's new version of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.' (Photo by: Steve Wilkie of Fox)

Fans already love Fox’s new ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ revival TV Show of the cult Original

Fans at Comic-Con literally freaked out this past Thursday to a pre-screening of the first half hour of the Television revival of the 1975 camp film classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They cheered and loved multiple elements of the first part of the two-hour Fox production, which is now set for an October 20 […]

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Here is what one of the Bottles of the Megadeth Beer will look like. Cool!

Megadeth’s Frontman Dave Mustaine to Launch Megadeth Beer

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine will release A Tout Le Monde Belgian-style ale, which is being named after the song from 1994’s Youthanasia. Dave Mustaine is set to launch a Megadeth beer with craft brewery Unibroue. It’ll be a Tout Le Monde Belgian-style ale. The brew itself is named after the song from their 1994 album Youthanasia. Though […]

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Pearl Jam and Soundgarden Supergroup Temple of the Dog Announce Small Reunion Tour

Pearl Jam and Soundgarden Supergroup Temple of the Dog Announce Small Reunion Concert Tour

West Coast Seattle alt-rock super-group Temple of the Dog have announced a five-city reunion tour (hopefully more dates will be added) this November. The shows will mark 25 years since Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, and drummer Matt Cameron (who performs with both bands) released their […]

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Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz & DJ Jazzy Jeff To Headline 'Camden Rising' Concert at the Democratic National Convention

Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz & DJ Jazzy Jeff To Headline ‘Camden Rising’ Concert at the Democratic National Convention

Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz and DJ Jazzy Jeff are ready to entertain at the ‘Camden Rising‘ concert on this Thursday, July 28th, as part of this year’s DNC (Democratic National Convention).   The performance is supposed to take place just hours before Secretary Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election. The […]

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Temple Of The Dog is going on tour in late 2016. Don't miss your chance to see them live!

Temple of The Dog 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

SuperGroup Temple Of The Dog, made up of members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, announced their first ever tour! Temple of the Dog initially started as a studio project in tribute to late Mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood. The band was made up of former members of Mother Love Bone, and members of Soundgarden […]

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Will BRUNO MARS Announce More Show Dates For 2016? You'll Have To Wait and See!

Bruno Mars 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Soft singing, hunk-a-licious BRUNO MARS Announces More 2017 Tour Dates and Residency in Las Vegas : There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Bruno Mars, in fact I’m sure you’re either sang or boogied to plenty of his music, whether you realized it or not. Bruno Mars has fans of all ages and his fan […]

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Ozzy Osbourne's 10 Best Solo Albums Ranked (In Our Opinion)

Ozzy Osbourne Albums Ranked from 10th to 1st (1st being the BEST)

Today we are going to throw the spotlight on long time heavy metal lord Ozzy Osbourne. Putting aside any personal issues he’s had of late, we are going to take a look at what we think are his 10 best solo albums. As we all know, Ozzy has a huge musical library spanning from his […]

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This shot was taken on the 2nd night of Steven Adler's surprise Guns N' Roses 'comeback'. Will it be permanent?

For the 2nd Night in a row, Steven Adler has taken the Drummer Role with Guns N’ Roses, Is It permanent?

Last night in Nashville Tennessee, there was a magical rainbow somewhere, and at the end of it, was Steven Adler sitting at the drum set of the Guns N’ Roses concert. This took place at the venue in Nashville where the rocking band GNR jammed out songs like My Michelle, Out Ta Get Me and […]

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Kenny Chesney puts the release of his new album off until he can finish recording with P!NK

P!NK Causes Kenny Chesney To Delay His Next New Studio Record

Kenny Chesney has a new album filled with new music on the way, although he’s waiting a bit and pushed back the album release to a late October so that everything will be just right. This is because Kenny Chesney arranged a strange duet with his new friend P!NK and he asked P!NK to duet […]

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Drake and Rihanna perform 'What's My Name' at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 13, 2011.

Drake and Rihanna are back together? No way! But it’s true.

This past Friday, E! News released the bombshell that musical superstars Drake and Rihanna are back together again. For a few years, at least, no one was really sure what their situation was because it was so fluid. But E! News has finally gotten confirmation that the two are an item again.   The sexy […]

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Tom DeLonge exits Blink-182 to expand on his UFO Research. What the??

Five Good Reasons why the band Blink-182 are a better band withOUT Tom DeLonge

With the album California leaking over the internet this past weekend, we now have our first Blink-182 album without Tom DeLonge. Tom exited the band back in early 2015. He was quickly replaced by the great Matt Skiba. We still think that Tom DeLonge is a very talented songwriter and WAS a big part of […]

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Don't miss your chance to see Guns N' Roses live at a venue near you!

Guns N’ Roses Begin The North American leg of their ‘Not In This Lifetime’ Tour

It has officially begun. The Guns N’ Roses ‘reunion’ tour ‘Not In This Lifetime‘ (minus Izzy and Adler) is underway and the response has be huge; Hugely positive. Critics who slammed lead singer Axl Rose in response to many past situations are now eating their words as fans easily admit that Axl sounds awesome and […]

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So much great music came out of the 1970s. Check out the Video Playlist below to listen to over 190 songs!

Greatest Hits of the 1970’s – Over 190 Music Videos of The Best Music from the 1970s Generation

The 1970’s was a great time to be alive and to be a music fan of that entire generation. Some really great music and songs were written and released in that 10 year span that it’s almost impossible to list everything. You actually didn’t have to grow up during that time period in able to […]

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FLUME, real name Harley Edward Streten, is one of the most popular Musicians to come out of Australia in the past few years.

Flume 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Musician FLUME Lays Out 2016 Tour Plans, Many North American Concerts To Choose From : FLUME tickets recently went on sale to the public and most of his shows sold out almost immediately, forcing FLUME to add more dates at many of the venues. Flume is basically a one man band, as you might say. […]

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Tom DeLonge claims he needs more time to focus on 'the enormity of what I'm setting out to do'.

BLINK-182 Lost Tom DeLonge To UFO Hunting; Yes, You Read That Correctly.

OK, well it’s not really UFO hunting, it’s more like UFO research. When Tom DeLonge left the mighty band Blink-182, it affected a lot of fans. Many of them were huge fans of the band, and of Tom DeLonge himself. Usually, you have a band member break out of the band due to one or […]

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Don't Miss Your Chance To See Guns N' Roses live in concert with some other great bands as opening acts.

Guns N’ Roses add more big name bands to their tour’s opening acts

As if it wasn’t enough of a reason just to go see Guns N’ Roses in concert because they (most of the band) have reunited, and their music shaped the 1980’s rock scene, but now there’s even more. Guns N’ Roses just announced that they will have multiple big names in music opening for their […]

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Prophets of Rage - Supergroup Formed by members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill.

Prophets of Rage 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Super Groups Come Together To Form Prophets of Rage : A few of the biggest names in music history have just formed their own Super Group by joining their forces together. Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy have united and formed ‘Prophets of Rage‘, a new super group that packs a punch […]

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Country Music Popularity Is Growing Like Crazy! Now It's Hugely Popular All Over The Globe!

Country Music So Popular It’s Quickly Spreading Internationally

If you thought that Country Music was big in America, you better wake up fast. The Country Music genre is spreading and it’s spreading fast. The style of music has caught on globally and is becoming very popular in many international countries. Right now, Country Music is seeing tremendous increases in demand in the United […]

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Axl Rose really surprised a lot of people. Fans were furious when they first heard, but when Axl did his stuff, it all turned to love.

AC/DC with Axl Rose will finish up the postponed shows from the AC/DC Tour

AC/DC fans, don’t fret because the postponed shows from when Brian Johnson first got the news about his hearing issue, have been rescheduled and Axl Rose will stay with the band as lead singer. This means that there are 10 new AC/DC U.S. tour dates to see one of the best rock bands of all […]

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If you want to see Celine Dion live in concert, look no further than Las Vegas!

Celine Dion 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Mesmerizing CELINE DION Plans Out Her Tour Schedule for her Las Vegas Residency and more : When it comes to amazing, full range female singers, there really isn’t any better than Celine Dion. She’s been on the music scene for quite a while, and her vocal range and strength just seems to get better as […]

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Check out the music videos below and see what you think about the Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven lawsuit.

Robert Plant Cancels Charity Benefit Appearance Due To Led Zeppelin Litigation

Robert Plant was scheduled to perform on June 19th at a benefit show, but now has to cancel due to the recent Led Zeppelin litigation. The event, named Meltdown Festival, was supposed to take place in Southbank Centre in London UK, but unfortunately the scheduled appearance by the Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant will not […]

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Fifth Harmony consits of X Factor contestants Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui.

Fifth Harmony 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

The girls from Fifth Harmony will be on the road this year on tour. Don’t miss out on their concerts : The group, Fifth Harmony, consists of contestants from the popular TV show The X Factor. From the 2nd season, comes Camila Cabello, Lauren Jaurgui, Ally Brooke, Dinah-Jane Hansen and Normani Hamilton; aka Fifth Harmony. […]

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Did you watch the 2016 Billboards Music Awards Show on ABC? You missed a GREAT Show if you didn't!

Billboard Music Awards Show was a Huge Hit! Here is the list of winners, and some cool videos.

If you missed last night’s Billboard Music Awards show, then you missed a lot of great music and a lot of fun. First off, the night definitely was electric and there were some anticipated big live performances going to take place. I think one of the live performance highlights was the show put on by […]

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Gov't Mule is a Southern rock jam band, formed in 1994 as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band by guitarist Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody. Fans often refer to Gov't Mule simply as Mule.

Gov’t Mule 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

ZZ Top & Gov’t Mule Announce Small Co-Tour for this year! : Topping the charts this year as the hottest blues & rock concerts is most likely to be the small tour of ZZ Top and Gov’t Mule. The two bands have actually announced co-tour dates with each other. The two bands will join together […]

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Don't miss 3 DOORS DOWN on their 2016 Fall Concert Tour!

3 Doors Down 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

It’s been quite a little while since the band 3 DOORS DOWN has hit the road and gone on tour, but for this 2016 Fall, they announced their ‘Us And The Night‘ concert tour. Coming with them on their musical trek will be the supporting bands Pop Evil and Red Sun Rising. 3 Doors Down […]

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The Desert Trip Festival will be held for multiple days, over a couple of weekends. These shows are going to be tremendous!

Desert Trip Festival 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

The Desert Trip Music Festival has to be one of the greatest of all concerts to come. This festival is not just any normal concert, it’s LOADED with musical superstars. The Desert Trip Festival is so far slated to perform at the Empire Polo Club in Indio California. The dates are in early October and […]

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Check out some of P!NK's very popular music videos. Including 'Just Like Fire'.

P!NK Music Video Carousel – Some of P!NK’s Hottest Music Videos! Crank Up Your Volume!

P!NK Fans are getting excited because the superstar icon that they idolize just released her new video for her latest song, Just Like Fire, which is on the soundtrack for the new movie Alice Through The Looking Glass. P!NK has had a tremendous career and has a following of many millions of people. Her Facebook […]

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Don't miss your chance to see the extraordinary Twenty One Pilots (21P) live in concert this year!

Top Reasons To See The Band TWENTY ONE PILOTS Live In Concert

Below is a list of reasons why you, as a fan of all music, should make the time and go see the band Twenty One Pilots live in concert. First off, if you’ve never heard of them, go check out some of their music. If you scroll down, you’ll find some of their music videos. […]

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Look how adorable mom and daughter are! PINK and WILLOW make this such a wonderful picture.

P!NK Jokingly Admits That She and Carey Hart Are ‘Due’ for Their Third Break Up In Ten Years

P!nk just got very honest about her life and relationship with her husband Carey Hart. So far, throughout their past, the two have split up twice already, and it appears as if the third time may be just around the corner. That’s according to PINK when she appeared on the Ellen Show just the other day. […]

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This is a chance for you to see Steven Tyler live in concert! Don't miss this great opportunity.

Steven Tyler 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has announced a small solo concert tour of just himself (without Aerosmith). In the past year or so, Steven Tyler has branched out from good ol’ rock-n-roll and has extended himself into the country music scene. He actually got quite a good response and it appears that if he ever falls […]

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Iron Maiden : Legacy of The Beast Video Game

Iron Maiden : Legacy of The Beast Video Game Now Available! Do you want to play?

In this brand new role playing game by Roadhouse Games, Iron Maiden : Legacy of The Beast was just recently released (June for iOS) and the game is available right now for Android. The game is loaded with Iron Maiden references and the almighty Eddie is a central part of it. You get to choose […]

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2017 is looking to be a big year for the band BLINK-182. Catch them in concert at a venue near you if you can.

BLINK-182 2017 Tour Dates

Fans Roar To Life! Blink-182 Reveal 2017 U.S. Tour Dates with The Naked and Famous + Waaves :   Blink-182 has just made all their fans very, very happy. The pop-punk super-stars have just announced a new leg of 2017 North American tour dates, for now staying within America’s southern states. Blink-182 had an incredible […]

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There are so many 2016 Summer Concert Tours taking place that we had a hard time listing them all! Check out our Summer Concert list below.

2016 Summer Concert Tours – The List of MUST SEE Concerts for this summer!

The upcoming summer of 2016 promises to be a great one for almost all concert goers. It does not matter what kind of music you are into, whether it be rock, classic rock, pop, rap, hip-hop or country, there’s plenty of live summer concerts to see. We’ve compiled our own list of the top concerts […]

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DRAKE 2017 Boy Meets World Tour .. Are you Going??

Drake 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Hip-Hop Rapper DRAKE Hits The Road on his 2017 Boy Meets World Tour : It’s definitely going to be a very busy summer for rap and hip-hop star DRAKE, when he steps out onto his 2016 summer tour. This summer, from about the third week in July, through to the middle of September, Drake and […]

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Miranda Lambert performs with ZZ Top's Bill Gibbons and country hunk Keith Urban at this past ACM Awards Show.

Miranda Lambert performs ZZ Top’s Tush with Billy Gibbons and Keith Urban, All Live On Stage

At the most recent ACM Awards Show, country sweetheart Miranda Lambert hit the stage to perform the song ‘Tush‘ by ZZ Top. Little did we know that she was going to have 2 great special guests help her out. Both Billy Gibbons and Keith Urban came out and cranked up the sound to perform with […]

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Don't Miss P!NK on May 22nd on the Billboard Music Awards Show! She's Performing LIVE!

P!NK To Perform her latest single Just Like Fire live at 2016 Billboard Music Awards Show

Fans of the stunning female musician PINK (also known as P!NK) are extremely psyched at the news that the performer will be live at this year’s Billboard Music Awards Show on May 22nd. The Awards show, along with P!NK and many other live performers, will be aired on your local CBS channel. The hot hashtag […]

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It's been finally confirmed! Axl Rose will finish off AC/DC's Rock or Bust Tour with them!

Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses will perform on 35 concerts with GnR and AC/DC in Both 2016 Concert Tours

It was about time, the ‘we thought it would never happen‘ Guns N’ Roses reunion concert came to to be and the band’s fans could not be happier to see most of the original line-up back together. For Axl Rose though, he is just scratching the surface of his career revival as he is set […]

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We say goodbye to another musical icon, this time it's PRINCE. At only 57 years old, he was taken way too soon.

Music Icon, better known as PRINCE, Passes Away at Age 57. Another True Musical Genius Icon Has Left Us Too Soon.

Music icon Prince has died, his publicist reports. The genius musician was only 57 years young. His musical career spanned multiple decades and included a ton of memorable songs.   Carver County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Kamerud reported to the Minneapolis Star Tribune that officials were withholding information about the identity of the deceased person until next […]

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VIC DIBITETTO has become in internet sensation, and he's even funnier in person. You must see him live!

Vic Dibitetto 2016 Comedy Tour Dates

Funnyman Vic Dibitetto is taking a small break from behind his online ‘in your face’ camera comedy to do some live shows of his hilarious take on life. If you’ve watched him online, then you know what we mean by us saying that Vic Dibitetto is outright hilarious. Vic Dibitetto himself is mainly a stand […]

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Gwen Stefani is not only an amazing entertainer and music icon, she's as beautiful as beautiful can get. See her live in concert!

Gwen Stefani 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Sweetheart Hottie GWEN STEFANI Announces 2016 Summer Tour Dates with Eve as her co-Pilot : You heard right. Gwen Stefani (also known for being the front-woman for the band No Doubt) is hitting the road on tour this 2016 summer with her This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour. She will be on the […]

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Guns N' Roses & Angus Young on stage together!! Scroll down to watch the videos.

2016 Coachella Makes History! Guns N’ Roses Performs with AC/DC’s Angus Young. Whole Lotta Rosie & Riff Raff. Watch here :

The 2016 Coachello music festival started out with a big bang when Guns N’ Roses were on stage and out walked Angus Young of AC/DC. After a lot of cheers, they went right into one of AC/DC’s great classics ‘Whole Lotta Rosie‘. For anyone that though Axl Rose was going to do a bad job […]

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It's been over 50 years since Paul McCartney has performed Hard Day's Night. Watch the video above!

Check Out Paul McCartney Performing Beatle’s Song ‘Hard Day’s Night’ for First Time in over 50 Years

Paul McCartney had said to his fans that this year’s concert tour, which is named the One On One Tour, would contain all sorts of good surprises. He did keep his promise and on the opening night, April 13th, at the venue Save Mart Center, he performed a Beatles song which he hasn’t played live […]

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KISS will be on their WORLD TOUR all year during 2017!

KISS 2017 Tour Dates

Rock Band KISS Continue to Rock-On in 2017 following their ‘FREEDOM TO ROCK’ Concert Tour : One of the biggest, most popular rock bands of all time, KISS, has announced their 2017 European Concert Tour, which last year was known as Freedom To Rock Tour, and will have the band performing in about 40 different […]

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Don't miss one of your last chances to see The Lumineers in concert this year!

The Lumineers 2016 – 2017 Tour Dates

Everybody’s Favorite Band, The Lumineers, Hit The Street Running With Fall 2016 Tour, then follow up with early 2017 Tour : If you’re a fan of the band The Lumineers, get ready to have the biggest smile on your face. Why? Because The Lumineers just laid out a very large concert tour (The Cleopatra World […]

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P!NK Looks Great in this Recent Picture of her Singing Live. Fans are hoping for some sort of concert announcement now.

PINK Releases Her New Song & Video ‘Just Like Fire’ from Movie ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. Watch Here!

PINK breaks through again, this time Through The Looking Glass. Pink’s new song, ‘Just Like Fire‘, will take us into the Wonderland’s crazy, strange and sometimes comedic rabbit hole for the Alice Through the Looking Glass, the new movie 2nd in line after Ted Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, released back in 2009/2010. Pink’s new song […]

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Check out Axl Rose and Slash who both blew the doors off of the Troubadour on April 1st.

GUNS N’ ROSES – Official GNR Video Clips Live from April 1, 2016 at Troubadour. Watch it here now!

VIDEO OF THE DAY – MUSIC VIDEO – GUNS N’ ROSES – OFFICIAL VIDEO – Live from Troubadour on April 1st, 2016 It is now official that Guns N’ Roses (minus Izzy and possibly minus Adler) will reunite for a concert tour this 2016 year called ‘Not In This Lifetime’. To kick off the official […]

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