Kid Rock Declares his 2013 North American Tour Dates

Kid Rock Tour Dates

Kid Rock Tour Dates

To boast about his latest record named ‘Rebel Soul’, Kid Rock has announced almost 30 (to start with) concerts and tour dates across North America. Since many of the more well known venues are not  on his tour list yet, we’re confident that Kid Rock will be adding more Kid Rock tour dates for 2013. His tour will also offer the ‘Twisted Brown Trucker Band’ and some shows will showcase ‘Hellbound Glory’.

From the dates listed on his concerts list, the Kid Rock tour will begin in the beginning of February 2013. Kid Rock actually had a rough time breaking into the music scene. His original rock/rap style was considered a ‘Beastie Boys’ wanna-be, but over the years he’s changed styles and can now fit into several categories of music. County, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop and more. Going to a Kid Rock concert is sure to give you a wide range of excellent music. It already appears that Kid Rock concert tickets are getting expensive, so you may want to start concert tickets shopping now.


2013 Kid Rock Tour Dates


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