Taylor Swift Releases Large 2013 Tour To Happy Fans

Taylor Swift 2013 Tour

Taylor Swift 2013 Tour

Get ready to grab ahold of your cowboy boots because this is really big music news. Country/Pop music’s sweetheart Taylor Swift has released almost 60 tour dates so far for her 2013 tour which starts in March. On tour with Taylor Swift will be Ed Sheeran.

Taylor Swifts latest album ‘Red’, which was put out in October of 2012, is extremely popular and her fans can not get enough of her. The Taylor Swift fan base has tripled in size, even just from last year. As she matures, so does her music and presently her musical & songwriting abilities are just off the wall. She just keeps out-doing herself and yet she is still so young. She also constantly is working. If it’s not musical related, then it’s something else; plus she’s involved in so many charities that she’s almost too good to be true.

Taylor Swift 2013 Tour Dates