Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Become Wedding Crashers in Their Latest ‘Sugar’ Video

The look on the faces of the bride, groom and their guests of real weddings are priceless as ‘strangers’ barge in and begin setting up a small stage. However, once these ‘strangers’ start to play their song, all the nervousness reappears as excitement as they realize it’s Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 playing one of their latest hits named ‘Sugar‘. That’s the actual premise of the band’s latest video of Sugar and fans of Maroon 5 seem to love it. The video for Sugar was just released on YouTube today on January 14th and we’re pretty sure that it will soon easily have several million views, if not more. Not only is the video great, but so is the news that Maroon 5 is on tour this 2015 year with their Maroon V Tour. Check out our Maroon 5 Tour page for the band’s latest tour schedule, links to get tickets and some cool Maroon 5 videos and pictures. You can also check out their Sugar video below.



VIDEO – Maroon 5 – Sugar



Maroon 5 Gets Ready For Their 2015 Tour

Maroon 5 Gets Ready For Their 2015 Tour



Written By Craig Scott