Bono, Lead Singer of U2, Admits Accident May Affect His Performance Ability

Bono announced today that due to his recent accident, it may be nearly impossible for him to ever play guitar again and that there is a slight chance that he may not be ready for their tour this year. Recently Bono was involved in a bike accident that took place in New York’s Central Park. The accident was quite serious and landed the singer in the hospital with multiple injuries. According to reports, Bono broke his arm is several places and damaged one of his eye sockets, his hand and his shoulder blade. He was admitted and treated in New York’s Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center. So far he has undergone multiple surgeries in which doctors inserted metal plates and almost twenty screws into the famous lead singer. Only time will tell, but we all hope that Bono makes a full recovery and that he is also able to perform for fans on the upcoming U2 tour.

Bono's Recent Bicycle Accident Left Him With Multiple Injuries

Bono’s Recent Bicycle Accident Left Him With Multiple Injuries



Written By Craig Scott