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Wow, this is going to be some year! First we get the news about The Grateful Dead getting back together with Trey Anastasio for a handful of shows, and now we get even more great news about PHISH releasing their 2015 summer tour plans. Not only will Phish be on their own concert tour this year, they are also holding a 3 day music festival in August named Magnaball which is looking to be off the hook for fans. Magnaball is also Phish’s tenth festival they have ever had, so even more specials have been planned. Phish will begin their list of shows in July with a double dose of concerts on July 21st and the 22nd, and so far is planned to end with a set of 3 shows in early September in Colorado. Check out our PHISH Tour Page for the latest list of Phish tour dates, links to look for Phish concert tickets and some cool Phish music videos and pictures.




PHISH puts on a wild, colorful live show that you'll never forget!

PHISH puts on a wild, colorful live show that you’ll never forget!



Written by Craig Scott