Elton John To Continue His 2015 Las Vegas Residency at Caesars Palace While Touring Also

If you’re looking to see Elton John in concert this 2015 year, you wont have to look that hard. Elton John is due to continue his residency in Las Vegas, specifically at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace. His shows there are being called Elton John : The Million Dollar Piano and he’s got plenty of dates lined up. Beginning in early January and playing on through until at least through the end of October, Elton John will be performing his show live in Vegas. Elton John then makes some other tour stops in Texas, Louisiana, California, Brazil (for ‘Rock In Rio’) and then it’s back to Las Vegas for more live shows at Caesar’s Palace. Fans are hoping for Elton to add more concert dates to other venues across the country and the globe. Check out our ELTON JOHN TOUR PAGE for the latest Elton John tour dates, links to look for Elton John concert tickets and also watch a few cool live Elton John music videos.




Elton John Playing Piano

Elton John Playing Piano




Written by Craig Scott