One Direction announces 2 years worth of touring to the joy of Wild Fans

One Direction Live

One Direction Live

One Direction is this years huge famous boy group that initially was established through the TV program The X-Factor. The 5 young leads started as different contenders but collaborated together to bring about One Direction and was signed to a record contract by Simon Cowell. This years One Direction Tour is in such demand that every last show sold out straightaway and ticket prices to most of the One Direction Concert Dates have skyrocketed through the roof. The group are so famous that when they appear anywhere, the howls and roar of their fans is ear splitting. They also have a full schedule set for 2013 and their One Direction Tour Dates include almost 100 shows. If you have any teen or pre-teen daughters, get ready to get out your wallets because tickets are not easy to find and they will cost you. The want for the boys is so high that lots of people are comparing the flood of girls to way back when The Beatles first came to light.

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