Pearl Jam fans beg for more North American tour dates

Did you hear the big news? Pearl Jam has announced tour dates for venues within the United States. Alright! Wait, they arent playing near me. They only have like 20 concerts planned? I hope this is a joke, a cruel joke. The band Pearl Jam can do a lot better than just playin a dozen or so places. They can fill arenas throughout the world if they wanted to, so why is this set of north American Pearl Jam concert dates so small? I’m hoping that there are a lot more dates to be released because as of right now, I know for a fact that a lot of fans are not happy. Hear that Pearl Jam? We want more dates! We want a larger tour! Will they hear us and oblige, we can only hope and wait to see what happens. Until then, enjoy this awesome Pearl Jam live concert. It was a show in October of last year in Philadelphia.