Paul McCartney Clears Up His Schedule To Tour Around The World This Year

Do I even need to ask if you are actually a fan of the band The Beatles? I think everyone in the world at least likes The Beatles, if not loves them. One of the main driving forces behind one of the biggest bands ever is Sir Paul McCartney. So far for this year Paul McCartney has released about 15 concert shows that span the globe and we’re pretty sure that more tour dates will be added shortly. So far Paul McCartney is on schedule to bring his tour to the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Sweden and The United States. One thing for sure is that Paul McCartney puts on a great live show and with his history with Wings, The Beatles and many other collaborations, he has a huge and popular music library to choose from. Check out our PAUL MCCARTNEY TOUR PAGE for the latest list of official Paul McCartney tour dates, links to look for Paul McCartney concert tickets and some cool Paul McCartney music videos and pictures.




Paul McCartney Plans On Hitting The Road In 2015!

Paul McCartney Plans On Hitting The Road In 2015!


Written by Craig Scott