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When we say Shania Twain is ‘Faking It‘, it’s not what it seems. Country music superstar Shania Twain is best recognized for her sense for good fashion and sometimes certain animal prints end up as clothing that she wears out, but again, it’s not what you think. She does it in a way where no animals are hurt or killed or even bothered at all. Shania Twain has teamed up with an organization named Panthera, which is a wild cat conservation organization and they both have been raising awareness about wild leopards and their possible extinction due to them being slaughtered for their hides. Their combined effort is dubbed the ‘I Fake It’ Movement. According to the ‘I Fake It‘ website, many local communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East wear real leopard skins as part of religious and cultural ceremonies. To change this, Panthera, the Peace Parks Foundation and Cartier are making inexpensive, realistic faux leopard skin capes to distribute to these communities and discourage the use of the real thing. The good news is, many of the communities have already been open and accepting to this great idea. Shania Twain is doing her part by sharing the information by mainly using social networking along with other methods. Campaign supporters are encouraged to post photos of themselves, friends or family wearing faux leopard print with the hashtag #ifakeit to raise awareness for the movement. People can also support by donating to Panthera by going to the web site ‘‘.
Also, as if you didn’t know, Shania Twain has a huge concert tour on the slate for this year and you can easily catch her tour at a venue near you. Check out our SHANIA TWAIN TOUR PAGE to see the latest Shania Twain tour dates, look for Shania Twain concert tickets, plus some other cool Shania Twain related stuff.




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Shania Twain 'Fakes It' To Help Preserve Leopard Population From Extinction! She's Awesome!

Shania Twain ‘Fakes It’ To Help Preserve Leopard Population From Extinction! She’s Awesome!



Written by Craig Scott