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P!NK Fans are getting excited because the superstar icon that they idolize just released her new video for her latest song, Just Like Fire, which is on the soundtrack for the new movie Alice Through The Looking Glass. P!NK has had a tremendous career and has a following of many millions of people. Her Facebook page alone has over 32 Million Likes, which is just huge. The new video of heres, Just Like Fire, is quite amazing just in itself. The costumes are outrageous (in a great way) and all the colors and effects are mesmerizing. Of course P!NK is her usual fabulous self, just like in everything else she does.
Relax a bit and scroll down to enjoy her newest music video and also a handful of videos for her other top hits.

Check out some of P!NK's very popular music videos. Including 'Just Like Fire'.

Check out some of P!NK’s very popular music videos. Including ‘Just Like Fire’. LOOK BELOW!


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