Justin Timberlake releases Not A Bad Thing Video as shot by a Fan

This was not just any video, or even your expected great video from Justin Timberlake, but this happens to be a video as shot by a fan at one of the concerts of the recent Justin Timberlake concert tour. This specific song is titled Not A Bad Thing and the video is awesome. Obviously it’s so good that Justin made it an official Vevo video of his. If you are a Justin Timberlake fan, you are also aware that his 2014 tour starts here in North America very soon and his followers can’t wait. if you have never seen him in concert, you are in for a special treat, he is a great entertainer. Watch for yourself in the video below, which is the fan video we speak of in this very article.


(VIDEO) Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing (Filmed by a fan!!)


Enjoy :)