Motley Crue says it’s their last tour ever, somehow I think not

I think we are all getting tired of bands and performers saying that ‘this will be my last tour’ and then next year the same thing happens. Well add Motley Crue to the list of ‘last tour’ bands. Recently Motley Crue announced that they would not be making any more new music and that they were going to go out with a bang and have a final Motley Crue tour that will take them across the globe and span probably over a year in time. As a fan myself, I can’t wait to see them in concert, but as for not making any more new music, c’mon guys, you are not that old. Do what you do best. You are Motley Crue; write some Rock and Roll! For all you Crue fans out there, here’s a video of their Carnival of Sins tour from 2012. Enjoy.

Mötley Crüe – Carnival of Sins – Full Concert HD


Motley Crue on Tour

Motley Crue on Tour



Stay strong Crue fans!