Pearl Jam will play a concert at your house, although it will cost you

If you have a few hundred thousand dollars up to at least a half a million, you may be able to nail down the band Pearl Jam to play some live music at the place of your choosing at your event. How cool would it be to have a Pearl Jam concert in your back yard! When you think about it, it really is not that much of a cost to get one of the biggest rock bands ever to play at your event. This is of course all according to an article I read on ESPN which has a list of performers are their appearance fees. To be honest, Pearl Jam was the best deal out of all of them. Just as an example, if you wanted The Bieber to play, it would cost three to four times it would than for Pearl Jam. That’s kind of crazy, don’t you think?

Check out one of the latest videos from Pearl Jam below (Sirens) :

[sociallocker]“Sirens” (Official Music Video) – Pearl Jam



Get Pearl Jam to play your event!

Get Pearl Jam to play your event!


I hope you all Pearl Jam if you go to see them in concert.