DEEP PURPLE To Finish Off 2015 With A Bang, Announces Tour Dates Through End of Year

If you are a child of the 1970’s, then there’s pretty much no doubt that you were a fan of the band Deep Purple. They put out many hit rock songs and even today, the band is still going strong. It seems to be the summer for classic rock bands to go on tour and Deep Purple is no slouch. The band is known for songs like Smoke On The Water, Hush, Highway Star, Woman From Tokyo, Knocking At Your Back Door, and a serious amount of other songs too. The band was formed all the way back in 1968 in Hertford England. This year’s Deep Purple concert tour is simply known as the 2015 Now What Tour and they have plenty of North American and international concert dates planned. Right now between them all, over 50 Deep Purple tour dates have been announced and you can see them listed on our site.
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Deep Purple will be on tour through out the end of the year!

Deep Purple will be on tour through out the end of the year!



Written by Craig Scott