Music Legend JACKSON BROWNE Announces Over 50 North American Concert Tour Dates

Bands and Musicians that began their rise to greatness during the 1970’s are getting harder to see today live in concert due to the fact that it’s 45 years since 1970. Jackson Browne however began his trek to being solidified in music history in the early 70’s when his first album which was self titled and released in 1972. His first album ‘Jackson Browne‘ went Platinum and hit the 53rd spot on the U.S. music charts. Even though Jackson Browne had 3 studio albums out by the time he released his very popular 4th studio record The Pretender, that album really turned him into a hugely popular influence on music pretty early in his career. The Pretender was released in 1976. It hit number 5 on the U.S. charts and number 26 on the UK top music list. Within the U.S. the record went 3 times Multi-Platinum. Jackson Browne then followed up that huge success with his next album in 1977 Running On Empty which crushed it in the U.S. and hit #3 on the charts. He’s got a very big fan base and they should be pretty excited since his recent announcement to tour this year.

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Jackson Browne Performs Live On Stage During One of his Concerts...

Jackson Browne Performs Live On Stage During One of his Concerts…






Written by Craig Scott