Abel Tesfaye, aka THE WEEKND, Releases New Album Along With The Madness Fall Tour

He became a huge smash hit pretty much overnight in 2010 when he put up 2 YouTube videos until the name The Weeknd. The Weeknd has exploded in popularity lately and has just announced his latest tour called The Madness Fall Tour. This concert tour of his will be visiting over 20 different cities in North America such as Newark, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Miami, Atlanta and more, including stops way up north in Canada. The singer The Weeknd has released more than one platinum selling albums and he even recently received a nomination for a Grammy. His concert tour is scheduled to begin in November 2015 and his concert tickets go on sale the end of August. His newest record Beauty Behind The Madness, is also due out around the same time.
The Weeknd is obviously not his real name, his real name is Abel Tesfaye and for a little while he was pretty obscure. He’s a Canadian PBR&B singer and he also does his own songwriting and recordings. He literally has full control over every aspect of his songs and music. He hit the music scene big as The Weeknd when he came out of no where and put a couple of videos up on YouTube in 2010. His popularity after that just exploded and now he’s got a tremendous following of fans.
No stranger to the live stage, The Weeknd has been touring on and off since 2012, and he also performs at multiple live music festivals such as Coachella and others. He’s known for songs such as The Hills, Can’t Feel My Face, Often, Belong to the World and Live For. His song Earned even it made it onto the soundtrack the recent movie Fifty Shades of Grey. If his concert trek appears near you, definitely go see him, you won’t regret it at all.
The Weeknd is on tour right now and you can see him at a venue near you. Check out our The Weeknd Tour Page for the latest list of his tour dates, links to look for tickets and a couple of his recent music videos.




THE WEEKND Announces his plans for his 2015 Madness Fall Tour!

THE WEEKND Announces his plans for his 2015 Madness Fall Tour!





Written by Craig Scott