Country Mega Star MIRANDA LAMBERT Continues On Tour Through Out Fall of 2015

There have been so many great country music concerts to see this year so far, and there’s a lot more to come. Miranda Lambert just extended her tour year to continue on through the Fall of 2015! Her ‘Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour‘ is set for after summer and she won’t be alone at most of her shows. Sharing the stage with her in concert will be Ashley Monroe, RaeLynn, Clare Dunn and Courtney Cole. The ‘guest stars’ are not joining Miranda Lambert all on one night, but they will each perform with her on a handful of their own nights. Knowing Miranda though, we’re sure she has some ‘tricks’ up her sleeve where we may see other very famous country music stars appear & perform as special guests. The fall tour for Miranda Lambert is on schedule to begin in September and pass through the following cities; Moline IL, Billings MT, Jonesboro AR, Fort Wayne IN, Roanoke VA, Lacrosse WI, Missoula MI, Rapid City SD, Augusta GA and several more. Knowing Miranda Lambert, I’m pretty confident that a decent amount of new tour dates will be added and announced soon.

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MIRANDA LAMBERT Continues To Play Concerts & Tour Through Out The Fall of 2015!

MIRANDA LAMBERT Continues To Play Concerts & Tour Through Out The Fall of 2015!





Written by Craig Scott