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During a recent interview (in between their busy tour schedule) Joe Elliot was talking about the band’s upcoming studio album which is about to be released. The album will supposedly have 14 songs and will be about 60 minutes long. The new album will simply be self titled as ‘Def Leppard‘. During the interview with Joe Elliot, he explained that they chose the name because the songs and music are so ‘Def Leppard’. Joe Elliot also explained that the songs range in sound and that old school rock fans will like the album, and so will today’s younger generation, possibly opening a whole new generation to the list of Def Leppard fans. Even Phil Collen (lead guitarist) is excited to see the fans reaction. He was asked about the new music and he said that he felt that it’s the best thing they’ve put out in a long time.
When Def Leppard started out, they were a much harder rock sounding band then they are now, and have been for a while. After Pyromania, many of the band’s hard rock / heavy metal fans sort of lost interest. They didn’t throw out their older Def Leppard albums, they just didn’t buy into the ‘bubblegum pop’ that infiltrated the group from there on in. I personally think that their first three records; On Through The Night, High ‘n’ Dry and Pyromania are the best ones they have put out. Fans are definitely psyched to hear the new sound on the record and hopefully it will be heavier rock than their most recent music.

Def Leppard is actually on tour right now. Check out our DEF LEPPARD TOUR PAGE to see their latest tour info, get tickets and watch some music videos.




The new album from Def Leppard will simply be named 'Def Leppard'.

The new album from Def Leppard will simply be named ‘Def Leppard’.





Written by Craig Scott