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At one of the most recent concerts of the Foo Fighters, they brought up a great special guest to join along with them. No, it’s not the doctor that repaired Dave Grohl’s leg when he hurt it several weeks ago, it’s John Popper of the famous band Blues Traveler. We joke about the doctor because several weeks ago Dave Grohl broke his leg on stage but continued on with the concert. As he sat & sang, his doctor came out and set his leg and placed it in a cast. Well, John Popper won’t be wrapping up the leg of Dave Grohl, but he will be on stage with them singing, playing harmonica and jamming out great music. If you’ve never hear Popper play harmonica, you are missing out on a master of it. Check out the music video below to see them all live in action.
The Blues Traveler band is actually on tour themselves, as well as the Foo Fighters. The Blues Traveler will mostly be playing small theater venues during September, but it’s the Foo Fighters who are in the middle of a huge concert tour that has been tremendously successful. Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters always put on a great show and with all these special guests appearing, you never know who you are going to see pop out on stage with them. Hopefully Dave’s leg will heal fast so he can get himself out of that stage chair and back on his feet.

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VIDEO – Foo Fighters Jam Out Live On Stage with John Popper in August 2015


Dave Grohl continues to tour with the Foo Fighters, even though he broke his leg!

Dave Grohl continues to tour with the Foo Fighters, even though he broke his leg!



Don’t slack too much when it comes to going to see the Foo Fighters in concert. Their tour still have plenty of dates left, but as we all know, time flies by and before you know it, the tour will be over. If you want to see a great band perform live, the Foo Fighters should definitely be on your concert to-do list.





Written by Craig Scott