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No one can ever say that country music star Garth Brooks is not a giving person. He’s done so much charity work though out his career that it’s incredible. Recently Garth Brooks and his kids charity foundation called Teammates For Kids was up in Saskatoon Canada raising money to help the would-be hospital come into reality. The new wing that will be a result of all the hard work Garth Brooks and his foundation will be dubbed the Child Life Zone and will be the first of its kind in all of Canada.
The brand new therapeutic fun zone will be for the young patients, including their families, and will offer the children an area to play, hang out, learn, talk, laugh and just chill. Garth Brooks said it will provide a chance for kids to be kids and do what they normally would, all while they are being treated. This way they won’t feel like they are patients or being treated, it will be more of a fun zone that they want to come to. Check out the video below to see the work being done in Canada and an interview with Garth Brooks about his involvement.
Who knows how Garth Brooks finds the time for all this when he’s also still on his concert tour. He’s been announcing new concerts and venues every couple of weeks or so and has bee performing live for the past year. Supposedly Garth has plans to continue to tour until he hits all the areas that want to see him in concert, which must be global because he’s so famous. Our guess is that Garth Brooks will be on tour even through out next year, but will always find the time for supporting his foundations and other charities.

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VIDEO – Garth Brooks Visits Location in Canada Where The Children’s Hospital Is Being Built




Garth Brooks helps build new fun zone for kids at Canadian children's hospital.

Garth Brooks helps build new fun zone for kids at Canadian children’s hospital.





Written by Craig Scott