Grateful Dead Fans, Don’t Sit Down Quite Yet. New Concerts Announced by Dead & Company

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water (stupid reference to the movie Jaws), the Grateful Dead find a way to truck on as Dead & Company. The remaining members of the ever popular Grateful Dead will be joined by John Mayer on stage to form what they are dubbing Dead & Company. Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann will be onstage with John Mayer and a few other musical superstars to play all your Grateful Dead favorites. The heart of the Grateful Dead band was frontman Jerry Garcia, who unfortunately passed away back in 1995. After the band lost Jerry, it was as if their hearts were ripped out. Fans were emotionally wrecked, but they all carried on. The other band members carried on too with solo careers and stints with other bands. Fast forward to now and you have the closest thing to the original band as you can get. The Dead actually just played what was supposed to be a 50th Anniversary celebration tour that only consisted of 5 performances. There were not even tickets available to satisfy all the fans, but now as Dead & Company, they have released a small fall and winter tour for the years end.
Visit our DEAD & COMPANY TOUR PAGE to see the latest Tour Schedule for Dead & Company below and there’s even a cool music video of them playing live in concert. Enjoy!




Dead & Company are ready to hit the stage on tour!

Dead & Company are ready to hit the stage on tour!





Written by Craig Scott