Kelly Clarkson Announces Upcoming New Addition To Her Family, She’s Pregnant With Baby Number Two

Talk about a glowing mom. In the early part of her recent concert at the Staples Center in Los Angles California, a smiling and obviously giddy Kelly Clarkson announced to all her fans that she was pregnant with her second child with husband Brandon Blackstock. Fans went crazy when she made her announcement during a live concert. Kelly Clarkson had her first baby back in June 2014 and will be about 2 years old when their new baby brother or sister comes along. Kelly broke down on stage slightly and began to cry as she spilled the beans. Her first baby was a girl and the happy parents named her River Rose. You can see a professional picture of River Rose down below this text. It’s been quite some time and many people have forgot the fact that Kelly Clarkson became known through the popular television show American Idol. After the show, she beat all odds and continue to grow in popularity and now she’s a well known, respected and liked household name. Kelly and her husband have not said whether their second child will be a boy or a girl and no names have been released either. I guess we will all have to wait and see. She’s also presently on tour and has a decent amount of concerts lined up.

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Picture of Kelly Clarkson, her husband Brandon Blackstock and their first baby girl River Rose

Picture of Kelly Clarkson, her husband Brandon Blackstock and their first baby girl River Rose





Kelly Clarkson's First Child, River Rose. Isn't She ADORABLE!

Kelly Clarkson’s First Child, River Rose. Isn’t She ADORABLE!





Remember, This next leg of the Kelly Clarkson tour may be one the last times you can see her live in concert before she has her second baby. You better move fast!

Written by Craig Scott