Luke Bryan Performs With Children’s Healthcare Center of Atlanta, Watch Video Here.

Sweet and generous country music star Luke Bryan made a wonderful visit to the Children’s Healthcare Center of Atlanta and made so many kid’s dreams come true. As he went around the facility, Luke Bryan held sing alongs with many of the children, their parents and workers. When asked, Luke Bryan said that he likes to give back to communities and people as much as he can. If you follow him at all, you would see that he is involved in many charities and their events. Atlanta holds a very special place in the heart of Luke Bryan though and that’s because he himself is originally from Georgia. Patients and workers were so happy to see and sing with Luke Bryan and you could just see it in their faces. Watch the video below. He put a huge smile on everyone’s face their that day. You can check out a four and a half minute video clip of Luke Bryan singing with the children and their parents below this text. He was also very happy and willing to take photos, sign autographs, shake hands, give hugs and show graciousness and love. Luke Bryan is a really good guy.
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VIDEO – Luke Bryan Sings with Patients of Children’s Healthcare Center of Atlanta




LUKE BRYAN Having a Blast Making Kids Smile at the Children's Healthcare Center of Atlanta

LUKE BRYAN Having a Blast Making Kids Smile at the Children’s Healthcare Center of Atlanta



Like we said, Luke Bryan is much more than just a famous country music star. He’s a down to earth, caring, loving, giving, emotional person and all that just makes him all the better.


Written by Craig Scott