Shania Twain and her Farewell Tour still going on, Rakes in over 40 Million Dollars so far

For the past year or so, country mega starlet Shania Twain has been on her ‘last tour ever‘ which is also known as the Rock This Country tour. Her tour is still going on and has about a dozen shows left. No one is sure if her tour will be extended or not, but she’s hit the ball out of the park so far on this trek. Sales-wise, her tour just broke the $40 million dollar mark and is still not over yet. That’s a lot of money to gross for an entertainer and it just goes to show how well respected Shania Twain is in the public eye.
Before this present tour, it had been a while since we’ve seen Shania Twain go on tour, although she did do a stint in Las Vegas and may even still continue to play there. To the regret of all her fans though, this supposedly is her last tour ever. She told the media and fans that this would be her farewell tour, although she did not mention whether or not she was completely finished with music or not. Point is that if you want to catch her live in concert, then you’ll have to act fast. She still has a dozen or so cities to perform in. Whatever happens to her touring, her fans will also know that she was (and still is) and icon in country music and entertainment. She’s beautiful, talented and can sing like almost no one else can. Kudos to miss Shania Twain.

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Shania Twain cranks in over $40,000,000 in sales on her farewell tour!

Shania Twain cranks in over $40,000,000 in sales on her farewell tour!





Written by Craig Scott