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Rapper and Hip-Hop star Chris Brown somehow always makes it into the news in strange ways. This time is no different. If you’ve ever seen Chris Brown, you’ll notice that he is covered with ink (tattoos) and most of the time, getting a new tattoo is no big deal. This time though, Chris Brown’s latest tattoo is on the back of his head and literally takes up just about half of his head. You can check out the tweet from RnBass (see below pic) which is who presented the new ink art to the internet. Fans quickly made it go viral and when I look at it, all I can think about is ‘ow!‘ that must have been uncomfortable to get in that spot. Breezy (Chris Brown’s nickname) is going to have to keep his head shaved if he wants it to always be visible. The tattoo is supposed to be an image of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, but some are saying that it looks nothing like her. We’re sure Chris had his own reasoning for getting it although when you check out the picture (below), you’ll quickly notice that he’s hiding his face (or resting). Kudos to Chris Brown though because that tattoo must have hurt like heck and it’s quite large.

You may be able to catch Chris Brown live in concert with his new tattoo because he’s actually on tour for a bit. Check out our CHRIS BROWN TOUR PAGE to see his latest tour info.




Here's the actual tweet from RnBass who showed the internet Chris Brown's newest tattoo.

Here’s the actual tweet from RnBass who showed the internet Chris Brown’s newest tattoo.





Written by Craig Scott