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When recently asked about his relationship with Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose, guitarist Slash said everything is ‘very cool‘. Slash also proved the rumor right that they had patched things up and that they are mending up all their old war wounds. We’re not sure who reached out to who, but we do know that things are good between the two superstar rockers. Slash also mentioned that it was about time they buried the hatchet. The past is the past and that both he and Axl should just focus on the future. It feels like forever ago since Slash left the band Guns N’ Roses and to be honest, they’ve really struggled just to do almost anything. Slash split in 1996 and Axl was talking about Chinese Democracy, their next album and without Slash, would be done soon. Soon almost never happened though, but it did, and it took many years which definitely frustrated dedicated fans. The album had mixed reviews when if finally came out. Axl had notched down his reputation, all the while Slash was just evolving into not only one of the best rock guitarists in history but also writing, producing and co-writing music with many famous and talented musicians. Slash has been involved with so many projects that many times you don’t realize it but he’s behind the scenes somewhere doing what he does best. Could there be some sort of a reunion concert of sorts, or maybe some new music from the combo of Axl Rose and Slash? Only time will tell.

Slash is actually on tour right now and he’s awesome to see live in concert. Visit our SLASH TOUR PAGE for all his latest tour information.




Guitarist SLASH and Singer AXL ROSE have mended their fence and are 'Very Cool' with each other now!

Guitarist SLASH and Singer AXL ROSE have mended their fence and are ‘Very Cool’ with each other now!





Written by Craig Scott