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At a recent Foo Fighters concert, the band was joined by two rock and roll superstars up on stage. John Paul Jones of the legendary band Led Zeppelin and Roger Taylor of the band Queen joined forces with the Foo Fighters on stage to perform one of Queen’s big hits Under Pressure. This ‘shindig’ was in honor of what would have been Freddy Mercury’s 69th birthday. Freddie Mercury was the amazing front man for the band Queen who passed away at the young age of 45 back in the year 1991. As you can see in the video below, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is still continuing to tour with his broken leg (cast and all) and on this occasion, when he called out John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor, he referred to the new collaboration as a ‘super-duper group‘. During their concerts, Dave Grohl sits on a huge king like chair, a throne if you will. He actually designed it during his hospital stay so that he would be able to take it on the road with him. It was designed so that he could sit in it with his leg kept still, but so that he could still sing and perform. The ‘throne’ actually is pretty cool looking. It has lights all over, spits out smoke and has a bunch of guitar necks sticking out in all directions.

The big question is will John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor stay on with the Foo Fighters through out the rest of their concert tour? Fans definitely hope so. Even though the Foo Fighters have enough popular songs to fill up any concert they may have, it would be awesome if they would mix in some live Led Zeppelin and some Queen songs; Especially if John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor are still with them. That would be a concert I definitely would want to see happen. I hope they do it when they bring their tour back to North America.
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Foo Fighters Performed Live Recently With John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin!

Foo Fighters Performed Live Recently With John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin!




Music Video – Foo Fighters LIVE Performing Under Pressure with John Paul Jones and Roger Taylor





Written by Craig Scott