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The first studio album coming from country music giant George Strait in almost two years, Cold Beer Conversation, promises to be more of the great and wonderful George Strait (and most probably a whole host of special guest appearances). What’s so strange about this most recent album, it was just about year ago when George Strait announced his last tour and even used the phrase that the cowboy was riding away for the very last time. I guess as fans, we are used to hearing bands, musicians and singers saying similar things, just to have a change of heart at some point to always come back to their musical roots. I guess the cowboy (referring to George Strait) is back and he’s got new music to prove it.
The latest record from George Strait is definitely tattooed with his trademark smooth country sound, yet it had some young lust to it also. Providing that extra kick on at least 3 songs is his musically talented son, Bubba Strait. One of the songs on the album, Let It Go, has both Strait’s in it and it’s a wonderful song that Garth so graciously released to his fans back April sometime. The song is light and bright, it speaks about how the smaller things in life should just be shed off and not worried about. Who knows where George or whoever it was that came up with the new album’s name, Cold Beer Conversation, got that from. I’m sure there’s some great story about it that we will find out about one day. Both George Strait and his buddy Chuck Ainley produced the record and both guaranteed that the fans will be extremely happy with it.


Album Title: Cold Beer Conversation
Track List :

  1. It Was Love (Keith Gattis)
  2. Cold Beer Conversation (Al Anderson, Ben Hayslip and Jimmy Yeary)
  3. Let It Go (George Strait, Bubba Strait and Keith Gattis)
  4. Goin’ Goin’ Gone (Wyatt Earp and Keith Gattis)
  5. Something Going Down (Jamey Johnson and Tom Shapiro)
  6. Take Me to Texas (Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally)
  7. It Takes All Kinds (George Strait, Bubba Strait, Bob Regan and Wil Nance)
  8. Stop and Drink (Dale Dodson and Troy Jones)
  9. Everything I See (George Strait, Bubba Strait, Dean Dillon and Keith Gattis)
  10. Rock Paper Scissors (Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell and Bubba Strait)
  11. Wish You Well (Clint Daniels, Jeff Hyde and Brice Long)
  12. Cheaper Than a Shrink (Bill Anderson, Buddy Cannon and Jamey Johnson)
  13. Even When I Can’t Feel It (Dean Dillon, Ben Hayslip and Lee Miller)



Album Art / Album Cover for the latest George Strait Studio Record 'Cold Beer Conversations'

Album Art / Album Cover for the latest George Strait Studio Record ‘Cold Beer Conversations’



You should be able to pick up the new album in a hard copy on and after September 25th, 2015. If you’re a fan of George Strait, there’s no doubt in my mind that you should get yourself a copy.
Don’t forget, that along with this new album, George Strait also promised to play a handful of live shows in Las Vegas. Possibly as part of a bigger residency there perhaps? Or another concert tour? We’ll have to wait and see what happens. For now, visit our GEORGE STRAIT Tour Page for all the latest information on his concert plans for now and for 2016. We hope you enjoy his new album.





Written by Craig Scott