Iron Maiden and Onkyo Team Up, Make Heavy Metal Headphones, Right After Band Releases Latest Album The Book of Souls

Not only has Iron Maiden just released the latest studio album The Book Of Souls, but the heavy metal band has also joined forces with the electronic giant Onkyo to manufacture their own line of heavy metal headphones. Heavy metal music sounds all the better when its loud yet clear and that’s exactly what these headphones will do; Allow you to loudly listen to crisp, clear music of any kind, not only heavy metal. The new headphones are a must have for any Iron Maiden fan, not only are they made with great quality, they also look wicked cool. The new phones are named Ed-Ph0n3s. Ed being for the mascot of Iron Maiden, Eddie and the Ph0n3s part is a play on the word ‘phones‘, so instead of saying it ‘headphones‘, you call them ‘ed-phones‘. Great little marketing gimmick they have there.

Look below for a picture of what the Ed-Ph0n3s look like, we think they look real cool. The main design was actually worked on by the founding father of Iron Maiden, Steve Harris himself. It look almost 10 months of development, tweaking and tuning to come up with the final result. The band even used them in the studio while the entire recording process took place on their latest album The Book of Souls.

Iron Maiden also just guaranteed that they will be having a Book of Souls Tour, but as of now, no concert dates or anything have been officially announced. The new album just came out and is receiving rave reviews among critics and fans. The first official music video for Speed of Light was released a couple of weeks ago and definitely proved that Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden as just as good as ever. You can listen to the new album below too. Don’t forget to plug in your Ed-Ph0n3s. ;)

* Great News, IRON MAIDEN Just announced part of their upcoming 2016 concert tour ‘The Book of Souls World Tour‘. *




The Ed-Ph0n3s - Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Headphones made in collaboration with Music & Sound giant Onkyo!

The Ed-Ph0n3s – Iron Maiden Heavy Metal Headphones made in collaboration with Music & Sound giant Onkyo!




VIDEO – Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls – Full Album






Written by Craig Scott