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According to reports, Ozzy Osbourne recently told his wife Sharon that he’s not getting any younger and that he wants to record another album with Black Sabbath before he turns 70. The band already announced their plans for early 2016 to go on what’s being called The End Tour. For Black Sabbath, this means that this will be their last concert tour ever. For some reason we’ve heard that a lot lately from a whole wide array of bands and performers. Motley Crue, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Shania Twain, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac and more have all said in the past year or so that their most recent tour was their last ever. not everyone stuck to that statement though. I think that Ozzy Osbourne will continue to perform for as long as he is able to. It’s in his blood and he’s too good at it to give it up.
No album name has been mentioned yet and there’s been no Black Sabbath new songs since their 13 album last year, but according to Geezer, Tommy and Ozzy, there is new music and a new Black Sabbath album on the horizon. I know a lot of fans sort of make fun of the ‘older’ bands who come back to tour, but Black Sabbath are in a class by themselves. Many consider them the Masters or Gods of Metal music and where the first band in the late 1960’s to really punish their listeners with real, heavy, melodic rock music. They really did start it all and many bands that have come along later have all said that Black Sabbath was one of the biggest influences on them becoming musicians and bands.

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Black Sabbath and Ozzy announce that they have new music and a new 2016 world tour on the way!

Black Sabbath and Ozzy announce that they have new music and a new 2016 world tour on the way!


MUSIC VIDEO – Black Sabbath – Live Concert in Hyde Park, London April 7th, 2014





Written by Craig Scott