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It appears that Shania Twain isn’t done touring yet at all. The country music hottie just extended her final tour into Canada and Europe. Pegged as her ‘farewell tour’, Shania Twain’s Rock This Country Tour is smoking hot and just recently got extended through the fall of 2015. Before this tour, Shania Twain hadn’t been on the road for over 10 years. When she began touring this year, she was quite insistent that this was really her farewell tour and even though she had many show dates carved in stone already, she must have had some change of mind because now there are more dates added. It appears as if Shania Twain will be performing all through out North America, including a lot of dates up in Canada. Then she will be hitting up venues over in Europe and who knows where she will go next. Of course fans are upset that this is (supposedly) her last tour, but she will be going back to Las Vegas to continue her residency there. At least you can go see her in concert in Vegas for a while, although no one is sure how long she will stay there.
Shania Twain is a huge country music star that is known for hit songs like You’re Still The One, From This Moment On, Man! I Fell Like A Woman!, That Don’t Impress Me Much, (If You’re Not in It for Love) I’m Outta Here!, Any Man of Mine and so many more. Some facts that you may now know about Shania Twain: She’s Canadian (she was born in Windsor Canada), she’s sold almost 100 million records to date (which is tremendous!), Her birthday is on August 29th and her birth name is Eilleen Regina Edwards. I bet you didn’t know all that about her.

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Shania Twain Extends Her 'Rock This Country Tour' and Fans Couldn't Be Happier.

Shania Twain Extends Her ‘Rock This Country Tour’ and Fans Couldn’t Be Happier.





Written by Craig Scott