Fleetwood Mac Treks On With The Show Tour joined by Christie McVie Through 2015

Classic Fleetwood Mac picture

Classic Fleetwood Mac picture

Did you hear the news? Christie McVie has rejoined the awesome group Fleetwood Mac and their super powerful 5 star band line up are back on the road to tour well into 2015. While the tour actually began in 2014, it was just was the first with McVie since she quit the band back in the late 1990s. Of course, Stevie Nicks will be present, along with McVie, and John McVie on bass, even though he’s still going through chemotherapy for his cancer, and Lindsay Buckingham. Now the band will properly be able to play You Make Loving Fun and Little Lies on their live tour because Christine is back in the picture. The band has also been working on brand new music, which they will also play during their concerts. The music and song hits that have come from this band are large in numbers and known around the world, so definitely expect a fun time if you see Fleetwood Mac on tour.

This particular Fleetwood Mac Tour (aka On With The Show Tour) begins in September of 2014 and has recently been expanded to reach late into March 2015. Their shows are spread across North America and take place mostly in larger venues. When a group as popular as Fleetwood Mac is on tour, you better have some big arenas to hold their concerts! Here we have listed all the official Fleetwood Mac tour dates that they have announced so far, even all their 2015 dates. We will do our best to keep the event list up to date. One last note Buckingham was asked about their set list ideas and he replied by shrugging his shoulders. To be honest with you, especially now that Christine is back in the picture, their set lists can vary wildly every night due to the amount of great songs they have written through out the years.



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