Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Concert Tickets Sell Out Almost Immediately

Today was the public general onsale for most of the 2015 Taylor Swift Tour, which is also know as the 1989 World Tour, and all of her concerts have sold out in just a matter of moments. Hopefully most of the tickets went to true fans and don’t end up on some site somewhere for sale. Taylor Swift is very adamant about her fans getting her tickets at the fairest price that they can, and that usually means getting them straight from the box office at face value. Although somehow I think that will not be the way it happens here. Unfortunately, concert tickets is a money driven business, especially on the secondary market. That means that many people who bought tickets directly from the main source, only did it to turn around and sell them for a profit. No matter what though, all her shows did sell out very quickly which is nothing new with Taylor Swift. If you end up going to see her live in concert on this tour, then enjoy and have a great time. She puts on a fantastic show and with all her new music, it’s just going to be that much better.

(VIDEO) Taylor Swift – Blank Space



Taylor Swift Prepares For Her 1989 World Tour

Taylor Swift Prepares For Her 1989 World Tour