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As if the band DEF LEPPARD isn’t popular enough, their newest self-titled studio album has just been released and their fans are exploding with happiness. Although the album is new, some of its songs were slowly released by the band, but now you can listen to the whole album by obtaining it from your favorite music source. If for some reason you still need you daily Def Leppard fix, one of our followers who happens to be a huge fan of Def Leppard, just sent in the video they taped from the Def Leppard concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, California on September 20th 2015. The video and audio quality of the video is excellent and you can watch the entire video below!
If for some reason you are not familiar with Def Leppard, they are a rock band from the early 1980’s who’s music has spanned over 3 decades. When the band first came about, their music was a bit heavier than it is right now, but that didn’t stop people from liking them. In fact, their fan base has only increased with each recording they have put out. The present lineup of the band consists of Joe Elliot on lead vocals, Phil Collen on lead guitar, Rick Allen on drums, Rick Savage on bass and Vivian Campbell on guitar. Tragedy and unfortunate things have happened to the band over the years, but they have always pressed on with new music that has always defied the odds. Back in 1984, the bands drummer, Rick Allen, was in a horrible automobile accident that unfortunately took his left arm away. Just when fans were wondering how and if the band would continue, technology came to the rescue and a whole new drum kit was designed specifically for the one armed drummer. The band also lost Steve Clark when he passed in 1991 from a drug and alcohol related problem. Through all that though, the band continued on and only grew in popularity. Just recently, Vivian Campbell announced that he had cancer, but vowed that he would not let it slow him down, and it didn’t.
For a band that has seen its share of destructive happenings, it just made them stronger, which helped them gain even more fans. Today their fan base extends worldwide and their newest album just cemented that fact. Got some time on your hands, scroll down and check out the fan recorded video of their concert from September of this year at The Forum in Los Angeles, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Please comment below on what you think of their latest album and how you think they sound in this great video.

MUSIC VIDEO – Def Leppard live at The Forum in Los Angeles, Recorded on September 20th 2015


Def Leppard's Joe Elliot rocks out live on stage. Doesn't he look awesome for being in a band for over 30 years!

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot rocks out live on stage. Doesn’t he look awesome for being in a band for over 30 years!



Written by Craig Scott