Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Dress Up For Halloween, Costumes Are Hilarious and Scary

Country music mega-star Luke Bryan took to social media to show people what he and his wife Caroline dressed up as for this past Halloween. The husband and wife team dressed up this year as senior citizens, but not you average seniors. These two ‘elders’ were quite spunky and were somewhat scary in the way that Luke Bryan dressed as the older woman and Caroline was the elder gentleman. The costumes were not intended to offensive and we don’t think anyone took it that way.
The picture on Facebook alone received about a half a million Likes along with about 25,000 Shares. Some of the comments left by fans included ‘You are smoking hot, even as a grandma‘, ‘OMG, If possible, I love him even more!‘, ‘Your couples costumes are so good this year‘, ‘It took me a minute of two to realize that the grandma was actually Luke Bryan, great costumes guys!‘, among many other positive responses. If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll notice that Luke Bryan didn’t forget a thing with the costumes including rollers in his messy graying hair, funny socks in fuzzy pink slippers, pink horn-rimmed eye-glasses and several large strings of pearls around his neck. Luke’s manly beard stayed on his face though, which kind of made his costume even more disturbing. His wife evened out the duo’s costume by being the man of the couple. Her costume included a walking cane, suspenders, skin tight pants complete with an old man belly and a hunched over shaky walk. Check out the picture of them both below and be prepared to laugh.


Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Take on Halloween This Year with Great Costumes!

Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Take on Halloween This Year with Great Costumes!



Written by Craig Scott