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Phil Collins, who recently turned 64 years old, initially became famous when he was the drummer for the band Genesis and after that as its lead singer after Peter Gabriel left the popular musical band. Phil Collins then enjoyed the band’s swell of excellence in the 1980s by being the lead singer on big song hits such as Invisible Touch and That’s All. But Phil Collins’ individual work, which delivered pop smash hits like In the Air Tonight and Sussudio, made him a major solo performer around the world.
He unleashed his last recording of new music in 2002 (Testify) and did a slow fall from fans sight when medical problems and a new family propelled his retirement. Back in 2000 he lost most of the hearing in his left ear, and all the drumming he did on a 2007 Genesis reunion tour led to a dislocated neck vertebra and nerve damage in both hands that hindered him from performing. Being an inactive person didn’t go well in Switzerland; his wife departed him back in 2008 and took their children to America “It left me with a lot of time on my hands to think about what happened,” he said, indicating that he began drinking and ‘it almost killed me.”.
Now clean for almost 4 years, in early 2015 Phil Collins relocated to Florida (Miami to be exact) to get nearer to his loved ones. “My children are now 10 and 14 and they desire to see what their father does,” he said. His illnesses kept on affecting him, however he awakened one day and couldn’t manipulate his right foot. A doctor gave him an MRI and he discovered “my back and hips were just ruined.” After treatments, fortunately, he was okayed to get back into making music again. “He said to me, ‘If you want to play drums in the future, all you need to do is practice.'”.
Which carries us to right now. Phil Collins is re-releasing several of his solo records, which will include never heard before demos and different song versions. “We even re-shot all the album covers, which was my idea,” he stated. According to his statements, Phil Collins will be back in the studio before completion of the year to start recording “My Life in 15 Songs.” Then supposedly he will head out on tour. “I don’t think I want a lengthy concert trek,” he said. “Regardless of what happens, I can walk out there, play piano and sing. I’m just in a very fortunate place at the moment.'”.


MUSIC VIDEO – Best Songs Of Phil Collins

Tracklist :

  1. 00:00 Another Day In Paradise
  2. 05:26 You’ll Be In My Heart
  3. 09:44 In the Air Tonight
  4. 15:07 Against All Odds
  5. 18:33 Easy Lover
  6. 23:17 Can’t Stop Loving You
  7. 27:34 One More Night
  8. 32:21 I Wish It Would Rain Down
  9. 37:48 Do You Remember
  10. 42:22 You Can’t Hurry Love
  11. 45:19 True Colors
  12. 49:56 I Don’t Care Anymore
  13. 55:02 Something Happened On the Way to Heaven
  14. 59:54 Sussudio
  15. 01:04:18 Son Of Man
  16. 01:07:02 On My Way
  17. 01:10:43 A Groovy Kind of Love
  18. 01:14:11 Take Me Home
  19. 01:20:04 That’s Just the Way It Is
  20. 01:25:24 Dance Into The Night
  21. 01:29:52 Strangers Like Me
  22. 01:32:52 Both Sides Of The Story
  23. 01:39:32 Everyday
  24. 01:44:29 Look Through My Eyes
  25. 01:48:29 Find a Way To My Heart
  26. 01:54:40 Lorenzo



Fans of the band Genesis are psyched! Phil Collins just announced his musical comeback for 2016.

Fans of the band Genesis are psyched! Phil Collins just announced his musical comeback for 2016.



Written by Craig Scott