Foo Fighters 2015 Tour Goes Onsale and Tickets Sell Out Super Fast

To promote their new album and tour, the Foo Fighters have been heard and seen around radio and TV. They made their appearances on the ‘Howard Stern’ show, ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Tonight Show’. A matter of fact, Foo Fighters have just announced and planned a concert in Irving Plaza on December 5, 2014, which will be broadcasted live on SiriusXM, on channel 36 at 10:00pm. This concert will commemorate their new album ‘Sonic Highways’ and the finale of their HBO docu-series. The Foo Fighters also announced their new SiriusXM station, “Foo Fighters Radio” channel 34. I guess this will be the beginning of their summer 2015 tour. So tune in and get a taste of their new album and get ready for the tour. I bet you won’t want to miss it after this! Need tickets or info on their tour? Check out our Foo Fighters tour dates page and get all the info you need.



VIDEO – FOO FIGHTERS at Irving Plaza performing Talk About It




Foo Fighters at Irving Plaza

Foo Fighters at Irving Plaza