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After much success of his live tour last year, Bob Seger isn’t dont yet. He recently announced his 2016 ‘Bucket List’ plans which are his new upcoming album and his 2016 concert tour. The album supposedly will be titled I Knew You When and he said he will be bringing his shows to venues that he’s never played before but always wanted to, thus the name ‘Bucket List’ plans. It’s only been about a year since his last album, Ride Out and many people thought that would be it from Bob Seger. Many figured he would retire from music, but as we can see from this recent news, there’s no retirement plans for Bob Seger yet. This tour also marks the 50th year of Bob Seger being involved in music writing and recording. He’s been in the music business for 50 years. That is quite a feat, especially when he’s still putting out great music after all that time. We’ll have to just wait for Seger to firm up more details about the album and the tour and then let us all know. Until then, check out some cool Bob Seger videos below.

VIDEO – Bob Seger’s Big ‘Bucket List’ Plans

Music Video – Bob Seger Concert with Joe Walsh as Opener in Chicago, IL April 6th, 2013


Bob Seger is amazing in concert. He's been in the music industry for 50 years and counting!

Bob Seger is amazing in concert. He’s been in the music industry for 50 years and counting!



Written by Craig Scott