Drunk Heavy Metal Fan Throws Beer at Bartender For Turning Off Black Sabbath Music

It was a night pretty much like all other nights. It’s holiday season and the Farm Tavern Bar in Madison Wisconsin has a decent crowd. Friends were hanging out, drinking beer and having a good time while music cranked through the sound system of the bar. Christopher Gamboeck was one of the patrons this night and was drinking his usual bottle of Budweiser beer. The bar was loud, people were talking up a storm and the music cranked. One of Christopher Gamboeck’s favorite bands was blasting through the speakers; Black Sabbath. While Christopher got into the song and banged his head to the melodic metal song, all of a sudden, the woman bartender changes the music over to Christmas music. What?? She turned off BLACK SABBATH to put on Christmas music? Yes, that’s right, that’s exactly what she did.
Well I can tell you one thing, Christopher Gamboeck wasn’t having it. How dare she turn off the Lords of Metal, Black Sabbath? No way, thought Christopher. He proceeded to suck down his entire bottle of beer, slammed his hand down on the bar counter, then threw the bottle towards the bartender and followed that up by cursing her out very loudly. He even approached her with clenched fists while other customers tried to hold him back. His uncle came and helped remove Christopher Gamboeck from the bar, but not before Chris was able to rip down a Christmas tree, holiday decorations and some valuable family ornaments.

The police eventually caught up with him and arrested him. he was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Damage to Property. Needless to say that he was highly intoxicated and began screaming obscenities at one of the female police officers. They even had to threaten him with using their tasers on him if he didn’t calm down. The scene finally de-escalated as he was arrested and taken away. See what happens when you turn off a man’s favorite Black Sabbath song? Let’s see if anyone learned a lesson from this one.

Here's a picture of Christopher Gamboeck, We're Guessing It's His Mugshot From His Arrest. Don't Turn Off His BLACK SABBATH Music!!

Here’s a picture of Christopher Gamboeck, We’re Guessing It’s His Mugshot From His Arrest. Don’t Turn Off His BLACK SABBATH Music!!

The Gods of Heavy Metal, BLACK SABBATH. Don't you DARE turn their music off when its playing!

The Gods of Heavy Metal, BLACK SABBATH. Don’t you DARE turn their music off when its playing!



Written by Craig Scott