Selena Gomez Comes On Stage During Billboard’s Women In Music Event

Billboard hosts the Women in Music Event to help bring about knowledge and support to all women who may think that it’s impossible to make it in music. The event is supposed to raise awareness that YES, you can do it, women can do anything they want, even become a huge musical star, just like Selena Gomez. At this year’s event, Selena Gomez appeared on stage as a special guest and she sang a beautiful slower version of of the song Same Old Love. The song was sung so wonderfully that the audience wet crazy after, many of them in tears. Selena Gomez put on an amazing performance and you can watch the video of the actual song below.
It was a wonderful performance by Selena Gomez, but the night didn’t end there for her. She also received an honor for being The 2015 Leading Female Chart Topper. That honor was presented to her by her buddy, actor Paul Rudd. Other incredible women in music that were honored include Lady Gaga for Woman of the Year, Loretta Lynn for Legend, Missy Elliot for Innovator, Demi Lovato for Rulebreaker, Lana Del Ray for Trailblazer and there were several more big names too.
Check out the video below of Selena Gomez singing live at the event. Not only does she sound great, but she looks incredible and has evolved into a beautiful young woman. She wore a simply stunning dress and had her hair tied back, showing off that adorable face. Now she just needs to forget about her old bae Justin Bieber and she’ll be fine.

MUSIC VIDEO – Selena Gomez – Same Old Love – Live from 2015 Billboard Women in Music Event


Selena Gomez will be on Tour in 2016 and you can see her live in concert at a venue near you!

Selena Gomez will be on Tour in 2016 and you can see her live in concert at a venue near you!


Written by Craig Scott