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It seems as if everytime I log onto just about any social networking site, the first thing I see that slaps me right in the face is political junk. You scroll and scroll through your news or time lines and most of the articles and post are of people arguing mostly over personal opinion. All this fighting is making me tired and when you think of the line ‘music soothes the savage beast’, maybe we should all take heed to that. There is no doubt that music does soothe and also is a tool to bring people together. Instead of harshly debating about some politician, how about cranking up some AC/DC?!? I know for me personally, as soon as I heard ‘Back In Black‘ cranking out from somewhere, all urge to argue would be overwhelmed by the feeling to ‘flow with the music’. Bang my head, play air guitar to look like Angus Young, and belt out Brian Johnson’s lyrics. There’s no doubt in my mind that people would stop what they were doing and join along with me. Not a fan of heavy rock music, then slap on some Hotel California by The Eagles and the same thing would happen. So, as our part in trying to calm people down, we’ll post some great ‘get along’ music for you all to listen to, their videos can be found down below. So crank up those speakers, listen to some kick butt music, and stop the arguing!


Why argue when you can listen to some awesome music?

Why argue when you can listen to some awesome music?



Music Videos


The EAGLES – Hotel California



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Written by William David