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Bonnie Raitt 2022 Tour Dates

I keep saying this but only because it’s turning out to be true. Country music is going to rule the concert stages this 2022 year, there’s so many tours coming up that it’s hard to keep track. This time is another mega-star in country music, and her name is Bonnie Raitt. She really needs no introduction, she’s such an icon in the industry. Going on what is being called her Just Like That Tour 2022, Bonnie Raitt will be bringing with her several special guests who will alternate who goes on stage with her every night. For different parts of the huge Bonnie Raitt tour, being the special guest includes acts such as NRBQ, Maia Sharp, Lucinda Williams, Mavis Staples, and more to be announced. As Bonnie said in her statement about the upcoming tour “The band and I can’t wait to get back to what we’re meant to do — play live again! Hope to see you when we come through!”
The upcoming Bonnie Raitt tour 2022 is scheduled to be huge. As of right now, over 75 (seventy five) tour dates have been announced, which is a huge number of dates when it comes to a tour. The country music queen will be on the road from March 28th where she takes to the stage in Modesto, California, all the way through November 29th when her present last concert is set for in Clearwater, Florida. That’s 8 straight months of touring for the 72 year old singer and songwriter. If you didn’t realize it, Bonnie Raitt has been in the country music business since 1971, that’s 50 years and a serious accomplishment.
Check down below for the latest official list of Bonnie Raitt tour dates. You’ll also find links to look for tickets, and a playlist of some of Bonnie Raitt’s more popular music videos.




    Don't miss Bonnie Raitt on her Just Like That Tour 2022

    Don’t miss Bonnie Raitt on her Just Like That Tour 2022



    • 3/28 at Mary Stuart Rogers Theater at Gallo Center For The Arts in Modesto, CA
    • 3/30 at Grand Sierra Theatre in Reno, NV
    • 4/12 at Kodak Center Theater in Rochester, NY
    • 4/13 at Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, NY
    • 4/15 at Palace Theatre in Albany, NY
    • 4/16 at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton, NH
    • 4/18 at Flynn Center for Performing Arts in Burlington, VT
    • 4/22 at Premier Theater at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT
    • 4/23 at Merrill Auditorium in Portland, ME
    • 5/20 at TBA in Tulsa, OK
    • 5/21 at TBA in Memphis, TN
    • 5/23 at TBA in Little Rock, AR
    • 5/26 at TBA in Nashville, TN
    • 5/27 at TBA in Nashville, TN
    • 5/29 at TBA in Knoxville, TN
    • 6/1 at TBA in Charlotte, NC
    • 6/3 at TBA in Atlanta, GA
    • 6/4 at TBA in Columbia, SC
    • 6/7 at TBA in Durham, NC
    • 6/10 at TBA in Vienna, VA
    • 6/11 at TBA in Vienna, VA
    • 6/15 at TBA in Philadelphia, PA
    • 6/17 at TBA in Boston, MA
    • 6/18 at TBA in Lenox, MA
    • 6/21 at TBA in New York, NY
    • 6/22 at TBA in New York, NY
    • 6/24 at TBA in Selbyville, DE
    • 6/25 at TBA in Baltimore, MD
    • 7/19 at TBA in Cincinnati, OH
    • 7/20 at TBA in Huber Heights, OH
    • 7/22 at TBA in Detroit, MI
    • 7/23 at TBA in Interlochen, MI
    • 7/26 at TBA in Madison, WI
    • 7/27 at TBA in Highland Park, IL
    • 7/29 at TBA in Waite Park, MN
    • 7/30 at TBA in Sioux City, IA
    • 8/2 at TBA in Lincoln, NE
    • 8/3 at TBA in Cedar Rapids, IA
    • 8/5 at TBA in St. Louis, MO
    • 8/6 at TBA in Kansas City, MO
    • 8/9 at TBA in Salina, KS
    • 8/11 at TBA in Denver, CO
    • 8/13 at TBA in Salt Lake City, UT
    • 8/14 at TBA in Boise, ID
    • 8/17 at TBA in Walla Walla, WA
    • 8/19 at TBA in Seattle, WA
    • 8/20 at TBA in Seattle, WA
    • 8/22 at TBA in Bend, OR
    • 8/23 at TBA in Eugene, OR
    • 8/26 at TBA in Portland, OR
    • 8/27 at TBA in Jacksonville, OR
    • 9/17 at TBA in Napa, CA
    • 9/18 at TBA in Berkeley, CA
    • 9/20 at TBA in Paso Robles, CA
    • 9/22 at TBA in Santa Barbara, CA
    • 9/24 at TBA in Los Angeles, CA
    • 9/26 at TBA in San Diego, CA
    • 9/27 at TBA in San Diego, CA
    • 9/30 at TBA in Phoenix, AZ
    • 10/1 at TBA in Tucson, AZ
    • 10/4 at TBA in Albuquerque, NM
    • 10/5 at TBA in El Paso, TX
    • 10/7 at TBA in San Antonio, TX
    • 10/8 at TBA in Dallas, TX
    • 11/2 at TBA in Austin, TX
    • 11/4 at TBA in Houston, TX
    • 11/5 at TBA in New Orleans, LA
    • 11/8 at TBA in Jackson, MS
    • 11/9 at TBA in Birmingham, AL
    • 11/11 at TBA in Savannah, GA
    • 11/12 at TBA in St. Augustine, FL
    • 11/15 at TBA in Melbourne, FL
    • 11/16 at TBA in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    • 11/18 at TBA in Sarasota, FL
    • 11/19 at TBA in Clearwater, FL

    There’s a good chance that the Bonnie Rait Tour 2022 will be extended with additional tour dates. Check here often as we will keep the above event lists updated with the most recent itinerary.



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    Written and Posted by Gail Ross