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David Gilmour 2018 Tour Dates

David Gilmour, Formerly of Pink Floyd, Plans To Release 2018 Tour News Soon :
I can already feel the excitement building among all the Pink Floyd and solo David Gilmour fans. Not only are we to expect brand new music from David Gilmour in 2018, news has hit the streets about rumors about an official concert tour that will have David Gilmour performing concerts all over the world. Right now we hear whispers of a few festivals that Gilmour will take part in, but fans are holding their breath for a lot more dates and a whole tour to be announced. As of right now, David Gilmour there are no offical dates planned for North America, or any other country for that matter. We are guessing that this tour would be in support of his latest album Rattle That Lock, or possibly a new album altogether. Tickets for all these shows would be hard to get, so we’ll keep an ear out about any more information we hear about David Gilmour and a tour in 2018.
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David Gilmour Hopefully Will Tour in 2018. Pink Floyd Fans, Stay Tuned!

David Gilmour Hopefully Will Tour in 2018. Pink Floyd Fans, Stay Tuned!



  • Nothing Scheduled as of Now.

Keep checking back to see if there are any David Gilmour tour dates added to his tour schedule.

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MUSIC VIDEO – David Gilmour – Coming Back To Life – Live!

MUSIC VIDEO – Pink Floyd- Dark Side Of The Moon – Full Album



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Written by Craig Scott