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David Gilmour 2024 Tour Dates

David Gilmour’s 2024 Luck and Strange Tour marks a pivotal moment in the legendary guitarist’s career, offering fans a mesmerizing journey through his latest musical chapter as well as a nostalgic trip into the heart of his classic hits. With the tour set to feature material from his new album “Luck and Strange,” alongside a carefully curated selection of Pink Floyd classics and solo work, attendees are in for a comprehensive showcase of Gilmour’s expansive repertoire. Each performance is meticulously designed to be a feast for the senses—combining Gilmour’s unparalleled guitar prowess and distinct vocal style with state-of-the-art production values. This blend of auditory and visual stimuli promises to create a concert experience that is as memorable as it is immersive, setting a new benchmark for live performances.

David Gilmour Releases Luck and Strange Album and Tour

It’s quite possible that David Gilmour does NOT play any 1970’s Pink Floyd songs while on this present tour. Although he did say that other years of the band’s music “might be better represented” and goes on to mention “At least one from the ’60s. The one we’ve done in the past is 1967’s ‘Astronomy [Domine].'”. Gilmour continues, “That’s always entertaining and fun and gets people off to a happy start. There’s songs from [1987’s] A Momentary Lapse of Reason and [1994’s] The Division Bell albums. I mean, I think ‘High Hopes’ is as good as anything we ever did at any time.”. The new album by Gilmour, Luck and Strange, will also be played at the shows.

David Gilmour Tour and Venues

Further elevating the appeal of this year’s David Gilmour tour is Gilmour’s collaboration with an array of renowned musicians and creative professionals. This includes the likes of bassist and backing vocalist Guy Pratt, two great keyboard players Greg Phillinganes and Rob Gentry, Adam Betts on drums, also guitarist Ben Worsley and more backing vocalists including Louise Marshall, Hattie Webb and Charlie Webb. This collective effort not only enhances the artistic quality of the tour but also ensures a dynamic and engaging show that resonates with audiences on multiple levels.
Check down below for the latest official list of David Gilmour tour dates. You’ll also find links to look for tickets, and a playlist of some of David Gilmour’s more popular music videos.





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    David Gilmour's 2024 Tour will feature his new album, Luck and Strange.

    David Gilmour’s 2024 Tour will feature his new album, Luck and Strange.



    David Gilmour Show / Concert Schedule


    • 2024
    • 10/29, 10/30 at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA
    • 11/4, 11/5 at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY
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    If you’re unable to find a venue nearby for the listed events, don’t worry. There is always a good chance that the David Gilmour Tour 2024 might add more dates in the future. Stay tuned and check back here frequently for updates on event listings.



    David Gilmour Music Video Playlist (Over 10 songs!)



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