George Strait 2016 Tour Dates

Hold On To Your Cowboy Boots, George Strait is Back with New Album and Live Concerts :
You’ve heard correctly. It’s true that even though the cowboy rode off into the sunset last year, country music mega star George Strait is back and he’s got some great news. A recent official announcement from George Strait was made (see video below) telling his fans that the country star is back on the country music scene and he’s brought new music, a new album and news about a concert tour, or at least a bunch of shows in Las Vegas as part of a residency he make take up there. The new George Strait record itself, which is titled Cold Beer Conversation, is supposed to be released within the next week or so, yet his concerts in Las Vegas won’t begin until sometime in 2016. In fact George Strait mentioned that he will be opening the new Las Vegas Arena and that his ‘residency’ there will last from Spring 2016 through the Fall of that same year. Who knows, if it’s successful, maybe he’ll extend his stay.
On his new album, Cold Beer Conversation, George Strait included the musical talents of his son ‘Bubba‘. They both collaborated and actually wrote a few of the songs together. When you get a hold of the new record, listen to Everything I See, Let It Go and It Takes All Kinds. Those are just three of the songs the both wrote together. In the past, father and son have worked together before and you can scroll below to see a video of them performing live.
As of this moment, only a handful of 2016 concert dates / shows have been officially released by George Strait (See Below), but they will more added shortly and you will be able to find them listed here, along with links to look for tickets and a there’s already a couple of music videos.



2016 GEORGE STRAIT Concert Dates & Shows (*Will Be Listed Here As Soon As They Are Released)




Country Music Fans Can't Believe It, GEORGE STRAIT is Back! He's got New Music and Tour Dates Too!

Country Music Fans Can’t Believe It, GEORGE STRAIT is Back! He’s got New Music and Tour Dates Too!




VIDEO – GEORGE STRAIT Announcement on New Album & Concerts for 2016




Music Video – George Strait – “Arkansas Dave” (with his son Bubba Strait)





Written by Craig Scott